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  1. Looking for just the LAM (laser/flashlight) unit for the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM pistol. price is not really an issue, nor do I care if it works or not as I'll be modding it anyways.
  2. Ever since I began shopping around for airsoft guns, I couldn't help but notice that certain Tokyo Marui guns are marked as "High Cycle". What does this mean? Does it mean that the gun has a higher rate of fire than a non-High Cycle gun?
  3. For Sale brand new in box Tokyo Marui Glock 22. Fully compatible with TM G17 aftermarket parts. 200 shipped via USPS 3 Day to the 48. *Pm for pictures
  4. Hey everyone, So I run a WWII setup and in so doing use an old school full enclosure holster for my TM 5.1 Hi-Capa. The problem is that the holster is so snug that it bumps the mag release when I run, causing my mag to fall out. Is there a way to reverse the mag release so that it's on the right-hand side of the gun and I'd release the mag with my trigger finger? Essentially making it a lefty setup. Thanks,
  5. Pretty much brand new TM Glock 18c. Played a game with it, worked wonderfully with the exception of sometimes having to the pistol twice before it fired for some reason but aside from that, wonders. so today I go to fire a few shots and gun just wont work. I think its a leaky mag so I try another one and same thing. I fill the mag up, load it in the pistol, c0ck it and a BB literally falls out the barrel and then I fire and all I hear is the hammer clicking and thats it... I take the mag out and now the mag is magically empty (I try pressing the valve) im really confused as this is a new gun and its TM, not supposed to be trashy right.
  6. I have been intereste in a MBK for my TM m9a1 for a while now and having done some research I think my choices are essentially the CNC'd Nova kit and the Cast Guarder kit. The Nova kit is like £290/$375 and the Guarder one is around £80/$105. Obviously the Nova kit is the path of least resistance (my wallet is cowering in the corner as I say this) but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with said Guarder kit, or any other Guarder kit for that matter. All the info I can find on guarder kits is "They are a pain", "You need alot of patience", "get a good set of files + sandpaper" and "with trial and error you'll get it". Even the "instructions" on the guarder website is like 10 images and f all info. So I am wondering, where does a new person to MBK installation get the knowledge on how to fit a MBK without ending up with 80 quid of incorrectly filed/sanded metal kit and potentially a wrecked TM m9?
  7. For sale is the TM G17 3rd Gen GBB I tried to post this to ebay but due to branding I was not able to sell it there. You can my id on ebay it is bk0823 and I have 100% feedback. (http://feedback.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bk0823&ftab=AllFeedback) You can also probably tell the items I currently posted have same background. I have Tokyo Marui G17 that I want to sell. I bought it from a friend who bought it for the look then upgraded to aluminum slide and barrel and muzzle. I am the second owner and I bought it for the looks as well. He and I together probably shot about 500 rounds. I was told that it is Army aluminum slide. It has been eating dust so I decided to sell it. $230 shipped. If you want to contact me via text, please PM me.
  8. Want To Buy any glock from Stark Arms VFC or Tokyo Marui (except 18 or 19) new or used
  9. This question came to me after I was discussing over a PX4 with a couple of friends. Tokyo Marui and WE-Tech are both big companies, but WE-Tech has quite a "Bad" reputation with some of their products leading to the fact to most airsofters that "WE sucks". Because Tokyo Marui was quite the "Beginning" of airsoft, all (more likely most) internal and external upgrades are based off and for their products. ^ That was the main reason I chose TM over anything when it came to GBBs with a abundant option of upgrades (Specifically the Hi-Capa). Recently noticed that some guns don't have as many upgrades, and in the perspective of a, say, beginning airsofter, WE seems much more appealing than the TM. That's what gets me, over the couple of years I've been playing, WE was fun to shoot but ended up breaking. TM, on the other hand, has always performed flawlessly and never gave me a problem. Recently, WE began to pick up their game and started to create pretty well made replicas. So the main question is, would you chose WE over TM? Yes or No. Please also say why!
  10. Hey Guys, I have a problem with my TM m1911, whenever I load its mag with gas and BBs, it shoots four times until it runs out of gas. I already checked the mag, it is not leaking. Gun: Tokyo Marui M1911 Colt Government (GBB) Gas: Walther Hi-Pressure Airsoft Green-Gas BBs: KSP Corporation perfect BBs 0.25g For this gun I only have one mag, so its hard to check if it is the mags vault or even the gases... I need help since I don't know what I can do... Thanks, Angelo
  11. Hello guys, my Tokyo Marui G18c slide has just cracked, so I'm upgrading it (was planning on upgrading anyway). Upgrade List: PGC Slide With Black Outer Barrel (SV) Guarder Frame (EU Version) Guarder 150% Recoil Spring & Recoil Spring Guide Shooters Design 150% Reinforced Hammer Spring (G18c Version) Shooters Design Full Auto Sear Guarder Steel Valve Knocker Guarder Extended Slide Stop Guarder Enhanced Loading Muzzle RA Tech 6.01 Inner Barrel w/ Bucking Guarder Enhanced Piston Lid Anyway, I really don't trust myself installing anything other than the recoil spring & guide, Inner Barrel and Outer Barrel So I was wondering if anyone near the Maryland/DC, or Virginia area knows of any shop willing to install all the above parts.. Every time I contact one they don't give me a direct answer..
  12. California with all it's horrible laws and restrictions have forced me to write this topic. You might think this topic is about me complaining over the ugly orange tips or the SB-199 stupid tape law. But actually it isn't. I actually tried to tolerate those laws and restrictions, but what I am about to tell you was the last straw with California's crap. Here's the story: I was planning to get two airsoft guns for my birthday: a silver Desert Eagle GBB and an FN P90 AEG, all from Tokyo Marui. After watching so many reviews on the guns on YouTube, they felt like a "must buy". Tokyo Marui is probably my most favorite airsoft company. I don't care if the guns were blacked out, orange tipped, and taped over. I would be so glad to have them in my collection. Anyway, since Evike.com never carries anything I need other than some TM products and a Matrix M60, I tried looking through other airsoft websites, including RedWolf, Fire-Support, and other airsoft websites nobody knows. The BIGGEST problem when it came to what I was looking for was the fact that the TM P90 and the SILVER Desert Eagle were all sold out on every website I checked. Damn, do people really want them that badly? Are they that valuable? Finally, I found two websites that carry what I was looking for. The guns were "In Stock" and everything! I found EHobbyAsia for the Desert Eagle and Echigoya Japan for the P90. I did what I did and ordered and payed for them all and got the confirmation through email. Since I live in Pennsylvania and I live in a place where I can't have my products delivered, I sent them to my second address in California. Looked like everything was going well, until later. That evening, I got an email from both Echigoya and EHobbyAsia, both regarding the same issue: they can't ship my orders because it's California and their custom searches are bullcrap. Echigoya offered to ship the P90 to California by first sending it to an Echigoya in Texas, but it required me sending in another $45 in shipping and handling to their email. I will talk about this later. However, EHobbyAsia said it was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to ship the pistol to California and asked me for another address. California was basically my only address since I couldn't ship the gun to Pennsylvania, so I had to cancel the order and now I have to wait three days for the refund. There goes my Desert Eagle, what a disappointment. I was considering a TM SPAS-12 as a replacement (available in California (no hassle)), but really who wants to buy a spring shotgun for almost $200? Now it's time to talk about Echigoya. I had to send them $45 to their email, so I was setting up the email money account (don't worry the website can be trusted) and everything seemed fine until the verification process asked me for my FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. It was already shocking enough that I had to do this whole "money through email" hassle but now my SSN?! Now I'm waiting for Echigoya to receive the money and I'm sitting here worried over identity theft. I am just so ANGRY that I had to go through all this ! This all happened because of CALIFORNIA and their horrible, ineffective, and unjustified laws against airsoft and real firearms. It just angers me reading this one section from EHobbyAsia's email saying that they "followed the orange tip instruction and have many experience for shipping airsoft gun to California, however, most of them were refused by the California customs." California is truly THE WORST US STATE FOR AIRSOFT!! I don't know about New York, but I can clearly say this for California. All the law makers there expect people to go play with lame bright colored, cheaply made, spring rifles and pistols you can get for a bundle on Amazon or Ebay. They also expect you to go out and play with the garbage transparent airsoft guns sports stores sell. Hell, they expect you to go out and play with Nerf. I understand that this is for the safety of the state, but this is going too far to the point that I cannot purchase items from a store. I REALLY hate calling airsoft guns this since airsoft guns have the potential of being something extremely dangerous, but the California Customs rejected nothing but a TOY!! A TOY GUN that has an ORANGE TIP and is wrapped in COLORFUL TAPE!! Also packaged in a COLORFUL AND UNREALISTIC GUN BOX!!! All the California lawmakers want is to either strengthen gun control until it's pointless or increase the tax until everyone there leaves. All of you might be saying that there are a lot of places that sell good airsoft guns in California such as Evike and others, but to me they have nothing I want. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Do they sell a red-dot P90 or a silver Desert Eagle? I think not. To all people who want airsoft guns in California, I am very sorry, but it's time to move out. California sucks as a state all because of the idiot politicians trying to push vegetarianism, gun control, increased taxes, and airsoft control.
  13. **Disclaimer** Some of these guns and items DO NOT work. I will make sure to mention which ones don't work. If you see a question mark or if I state otherwise, I probably don't know if it's broken or not. Looking to sell all of my weapons and gear from when I used to collect and play. I want to keep this a local sale so within NorCal. Most of this stuff haven't seen more than a full game and have been used mostly for shooting around the backyard at pieces of wood. I will not split up the package and the price is final. Like I mentioned above, some items are broken but are easily fixable/salvageable. I will try to go into detail for each item but quite honestly, it's been awhile and I've forgotten some things. I'll be happy to take pictures of individual items so please ask. Systema PTW M4-A1 with 1 Mag Tokyo Marui M4-A1 Tokyo Marui MP5 upgraded to 370-400 FPS with 5 Mags and Mag Clamp G&P M16A3 w/ Prometheus Inner Barrel upgraded to 400 fps (BROKEN and missing a few pieces on body) Tokyo Marui M1911 with 1 Mag Western Arms Kimber Warrior 1911 with 1 Mag Tokyo Marui M9 Beretta (BROKEN) with 1 Mag M4A1 Magazines x14 (TM, CA, ?) and Mag Clamp Rail Laser 2 Systema PTW batteries 3 Ni-MH batteries (Not sure what size so ask for clarification if interested) Phantom OD Ciras with all pouches and Backpack (No water pouch but has water tube) USMC Woodland MARPAT (Used) Blackhawk Tactical Vest Pistol Holster Bag of 0.25 BBs x2 (Not New) Bag of 0.23 BBs x1 (Not New) Bag of 0.20 BBs x1 (Not New) Short gun bag x1 Long gun bag x1 Duffle Bag x1 Hoping to part with everything for $600 ASAP. I accept PayPal, check, cash, venmo. DM me if you're serious about this offer. I'll be happy to take more pictures once conversations start flowing. Then we can coordinate and set up a meet. Located in South Bay Area, CA. http://imgur.com/a/VBJ4N
  14. With the season for outdoor airsoft coming to a close in my area, I'm looking for a gun for CQB use since nothing in my current arsenal is within acceptable FPS limits for the indoor field I plan on playing at. Having thought about it for a bit, I'm looking at either a Tokyo Marui AKS-47 or Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1. I've read good things about both guns, and having tried out my brother's G3 SG/1, I have not been disappointed. Nevertheless, I'd like to get some fresh perspectives on the matter. Being that I'm going for a TM, budget is no object for me.
  15. 💀 My Tokyo Marui HK 416D Devgru Review 💀 Inc Chrono & Shooting - Huge thanks to CAMO < Best Place for TM and amazing customer service > Please Like & Share * On my way to 6000 Subs *
  16. I used to play over 10 years ago and have just held onto this for its "cool" factor. Gun is Tokyo Marui MP5A4 HG with lots of systema parts, upgraded spring, piston, gears, tappett plate, shimmed, bearings, plus more I've forgotten about. Gun has always performed flawlessly, never jammed or done anything weird. Should easily reach 450FPS but never clocked to confirm. Comes with gun bag, thigh holster, 3 point sling, 3 TM 200rnd high cap mags, 2 TM 50rnd standard mags, original paperwork, approx 7000 .25G bb's, BB holder/filler, original jamming and cleaning rods, rubber protective tip cover, orange tip, XT60 battery connector, and other misc. spare and original parts. Has minor wear but 9/10 overall. $250 shipped cont. USA PICTURES: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwexBhMBs1XvZE0yckZKRW9ldDg&usp=sharing
  17. Offloading my airsoft accessories as I am no longer playing or in need of them. I will more stuff to post and add here within the next few days. Before we begin, here are some rules: 1. First "I'll take item # " gets it. Then you have 24 hours to post payment. Otherwise it'll go to the 2nd "I'll take item #". 2. No lowball please. My price is fair and priced to sell. Also see rule #3 below. 3. All prices are shipped and Paypal'ed. Discount will be given for multiple items. 1. Dytac AEG M4/M16 Receiver in Multicam - Full Metal. Excellent condition. No visible marks. Includes charging handle, forward assist, dust cover, magazine release, and take down pins. $75 2. Full Metal Upper/Receiver that is in excellent condition. $20 3. Dytac Stock in Multicam. $17 4. SOPMOD Stock. New. $15 SOLD 5. Dytac Multicam Quad Rail - 9". Includes barrel nut and screws. $30 6. Noveske Clone Free Float Quad Rail - 12". Excellent Quality. Includes barrel nut and screws. $30 SPF 7. Noveske Clone Free Float Quad Rail - 7". Includes barrel nut and screws. $15 SOLD 8. Dytac Multicam AEG Motor Grip. Includes motor plate and screws. $15 9. Tokyo Marui Tracer. In like new condition. I still think it's the best tracer in the market. $79 10. Dytac Lantac Dragon clone Muzzlebrake/Flash Hider - 14mm CW. Brand New. $17 11. Prowin CNC Hop Up Chamber for AEG. Like new. $20 12. Madbull Gemtech Halo Mock Suppressor / Barrel Extension - OD Green. Brand New. $40 13. Lonex A2 Titan High Torque AEG Motor - Long. $40
  18. Hi! My name is Sturm and I recently have registered. I am here because bloody hell I have some things going on with my pistol. Long story short, I ordered a custom TM M1911A1 Government from Hong Kong. I had it fitted by the retailer with a full Guarder metal kit, including the slide and frame, springs, and steel outer barrel. Okay. Everything was fine, lest for one thing. The outer barrel had an out of place 'jumpy' movement to it. It would wiggle around in the slide, and would specifically protrude out of the end of the gun more than normal. It took a tonne of guessing and experimenting, but eventually I believe I discovered what was causing it. For whatever reason, the Guarder chamber piece had a large amount of clearance between the top of it and the ejection port on the slide. The result of this happening was that the entire outer barrel was afforded more space than it needed, and would slide around after cocking, firing, aiming, etc. This is why the outer barrel tended to spring itself a little bit out of the end of the slide. I think part of the problem is the default Marui hop up, which is a bit stiff and obviously made for the likes of plastic outer barrels. Today, I attempted to do some 'fitting' on the hop up unit and a spare Guarder outer barrel I had handy. After I made some modifications, I reassembled the pistol, and to my shock, the pistol was jammed to hell. I could not even take the gun apart even with the slide lock out! I eventually managed to fix the jamming, but I still cannot disassemble the pistol, slide lock or not. I lubed everything, and the slide will still not budge off of the frame. I don't know why this even happened in the first place. The original jam was very strange, so misaligned that the slide stop could not even be placed back on! I fixed that part, but for whatever reason I cannot disassemble the slide from the frame. So, basically, I had a problem, and when trying to fix it, I created another one. Any advice? I would still appreciate any help I could get with the barrel/chamber fiasco as well. I accomplished nothing in my endeavours this afternoon. I just screwed things up more. When I solve this disassembly bit of SNAFU, I might buy an aftermarket hop up, either from Airsoft Surgeon or from Nova. After all of this crap, I hope one of those units will actually fix my OCD-driven nightmare. Well, if anyone got through that text wall, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give in regards to the two of my pistol problems.
  19. guys so I was trying to use my tm p226 but.... the friggin fill valve snapped on me. any replacements I can use??
  20. Ive literally looked everywhere and its all out of stock. does anyone know where one can find a Tokyo Marui Vsr10 G-spec? Why is it so hard to find is it discontinued? someone send me a link to where I can buy one if at all possible
  21. Hey guys so I was looking around for a new motor for my g36 as the old one (4 years old about) just died on me as I put my build together :( after weeks of waiting :/ but anyways. I looked on airsoft atlanta for a good motor and came across a motor from the oem of shs. it's called rocket high torque motor. I was wondering if these are nice motors? for $30 by shs, it seems like a steal
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