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Found 6 results

  1. I'm upgrading my JG G-608 and want to move battery to the stock (front wiring space doesn't have much space), don't want to have to keep using mock PEQ box. Is it something I need to do inside the gearbox, or can I just extend the wiring and route them along the outside of the shell and out the rear? I will have to modify a piece (drill out) to do it, but this seems like a better option for me.
  2. Hey! I just bought a G&G cm16 predator with mosfet. I was using it for a while and then it sounded like it got stuck in the gearbox. Clicking sounds were being emitted from my gearbox as I pull the trigger. Later on, my gun just stopped working entirely. I brought my gun to my local shop and concluded that my 25 amp blade type fuse was blown. I go to a auto store and get new fuses. When I come home, I put another 25 amp fuse into my gun. I plug in my 11.1 lipo and boom, the fuse was blown immediately. I don't know what's going on. Today I went back to the store and of course, they had to be closed because of an event. I am afraid to do anything else to my gun without screwing up completely until I get answers. Should I try higher fuse ampage? Is there something wrong with my wiring? Gearbox, motor? I have no clue. And my gun has been broken for about a month now.
  3. Not entirely sure if this falls under the category of a motor issue, but eh. It has to do with the motor. (Just previewed the post, I apologise in advance for the pictures being as small as they look, I had to shrink them a lot so they'd both fit the upload limit). Now, so far I'm certainly liking this gun. However, if fired on full-auto for a few bursts, the gun stops working and the trigger just clicks (NOT the gearbox) when you pull it. The same happens when quickly firing in semi-auto, but it takes a lot longer for it to happen. So after having it happen the first time, I took the receiver apart and this is what I found: I tried it a few more times after reconnecting the wire and it disconnects itself consistently. I haven't been able to find anything about it (mainly due to not being exactly sure on what to look for), However, one of my friends just suggested using a pair of pliers to clamp the connecter down tighter so it can't vibrate off of the motor. I would like to get the opinions of a few more people before doing anything to it, though. So, any ideas? Any help is much appreciated :D
  4. Sup guys! Another AK question for y'all: I have an 11.1v Lipo I want to use on an AK I'm gonna get (Dboys RK-05). It's got a folding stock, and the battery goes in the top of the receiver. What are some viable options for rewiring an AK so a mosfet will fit? -Put it in the folding stock?(hazard to the wiring?) -Forgrip(can it be wiring to the front for a PEQ Box?) I plan on changing the forgrips to a Rail system. -Leave it alone(is there enough space for a Mosfet already?) Lipo is 6.5in long, but I would prefer to get a peq box version. Mosfet: http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/electrical-parts-c-1_27/apex-python-mosfet-pcb-protected-low-resistance-fet-p-571.html
  5. Hello everyone, So I just finished an ak build and rewired and put a mosfet. It shoots 100% fine without the pistol grip on but when I put the pistol grip on it will shoot once and not again (like my mosfet is protecting against a short). I have tried dremeling grooves for the wire to run in and putting electric tape everywhere exposed wire could be touching anything metal. I'm about at my wits end with this, open to any ideas/suggestions! Oh yeah, I'm using ETFE 16 gauge wire that has extremely tough insulation. Attaching some photos although I doubt they will help much. Another potentially useful note is that it starts when the pistol grip is about 3/4 of the way on, I've tried running the wire several different ways from the pictures and still no luck.
  6. I have recently rennovated a JG M4A1 I bought used off a friend. I now believe I am experiencing some sort of electrical issue. When he sold it to me it fired very slowly (rof wise) and it seemed as though the motor was struggling to turn over the gearbox. I replaced the fuse with a fresh one although I don't think it needed it, and I also backed off the set screw on the bottom of the hand grip to loosen the motor mesh (thinking it was too tight, causing the motor to work much harder to turn the gearbox.) Those two procedures didnt do anyhting though. After those two failed to increase ROF, I decided it must be the motor itself. So I went on ebay and bought a cheap motor just to see if it was the problem. The motor arrived and I installed it, only to end up with the same result, slow ROF and what sounds like a struggling motor. I tried my buddies 9.6v battery instead of the 8.4 I normally use, and that increased the ROF to an acceptable level, but caused the motor to heat up quickly, and I would not want to use it for more than a couple minutes. So basically it seems like my motor is struggling to move the gearbox, and, in turn, I am getting sub par preformance. I know the gun has not been modified internally, so its all stock gearbox and spring wise. I loosened the motor set screw at the bottom of the handguard, but it didnt seem to do anything, should I try to tighten it instead? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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