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Found 2 results

  1. I was wonder what was your worst Airsoft experience? What made it that way? What could have prevented this situation? I am just wonder.
  2. California with all it's horrible laws and restrictions have forced me to write this topic. You might think this topic is about me complaining over the ugly orange tips or the SB-199 stupid tape law. But actually it isn't. I actually tried to tolerate those laws and restrictions, but what I am about to tell you was the last straw with California's crap. Here's the story: I was planning to get two airsoft guns for my birthday: a silver Desert Eagle GBB and an FN P90 AEG, all from Tokyo Marui. After watching so many reviews on the guns on YouTube, they felt like a "must buy". Tokyo Marui is probably my most favorite airsoft company. I don't care if the guns were blacked out, orange tipped, and taped over. I would be so glad to have them in my collection. Anyway, since Evike.com never carries anything I need other than some TM products and a Matrix M60, I tried looking through other airsoft websites, including RedWolf, Fire-Support, and other airsoft websites nobody knows. The BIGGEST problem when it came to what I was looking for was the fact that the TM P90 and the SILVER Desert Eagle were all sold out on every website I checked. Damn, do people really want them that badly? Are they that valuable? Finally, I found two websites that carry what I was looking for. The guns were "In Stock" and everything! I found EHobbyAsia for the Desert Eagle and Echigoya Japan for the P90. I did what I did and ordered and payed for them all and got the confirmation through email. Since I live in Pennsylvania and I live in a place where I can't have my products delivered, I sent them to my second address in California. Looked like everything was going well, until later. That evening, I got an email from both Echigoya and EHobbyAsia, both regarding the same issue: they can't ship my orders because it's California and their custom searches are bullcrap. Echigoya offered to ship the P90 to California by first sending it to an Echigoya in Texas, but it required me sending in another $45 in shipping and handling to their email. I will talk about this later. However, EHobbyAsia said it was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to ship the pistol to California and asked me for another address. California was basically my only address since I couldn't ship the gun to Pennsylvania, so I had to cancel the order and now I have to wait three days for the refund. There goes my Desert Eagle, what a disappointment. I was considering a TM SPAS-12 as a replacement (available in California (no hassle)), but really who wants to buy a spring shotgun for almost $200? Now it's time to talk about Echigoya. I had to send them $45 to their email, so I was setting up the email money account (don't worry the website can be trusted) and everything seemed fine until the verification process asked me for my FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. It was already shocking enough that I had to do this whole "money through email" hassle but now my SSN?! Now I'm waiting for Echigoya to receive the money and I'm sitting here worried over identity theft. I am just so ANGRY that I had to go through all this ! This all happened because of CALIFORNIA and their horrible, ineffective, and unjustified laws against airsoft and real firearms. It just angers me reading this one section from EHobbyAsia's email saying that they "followed the orange tip instruction and have many experience for shipping airsoft gun to California, however, most of them were refused by the California customs." California is truly THE WORST US STATE FOR AIRSOFT!! I don't know about New York, but I can clearly say this for California. All the law makers there expect people to go play with lame bright colored, cheaply made, spring rifles and pistols you can get for a bundle on Amazon or Ebay. They also expect you to go out and play with the garbage transparent airsoft guns sports stores sell. Hell, they expect you to go out and play with Nerf. I understand that this is for the safety of the state, but this is going too far to the point that I cannot purchase items from a store. I REALLY hate calling airsoft guns this since airsoft guns have the potential of being something extremely dangerous, but the California Customs rejected nothing but a TOY!! A TOY GUN that has an ORANGE TIP and is wrapped in COLORFUL TAPE!! Also packaged in a COLORFUL AND UNREALISTIC GUN BOX!!! All the California lawmakers want is to either strengthen gun control until it's pointless or increase the tax until everyone there leaves. All of you might be saying that there are a lot of places that sell good airsoft guns in California such as Evike and others, but to me they have nothing I want. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Do they sell a red-dot P90 or a silver Desert Eagle? I think not. To all people who want airsoft guns in California, I am very sorry, but it's time to move out. California sucks as a state all because of the idiot politicians trying to push vegetarianism, gun control, increased taxes, and airsoft control.
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