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How Many Magazines Do You Carry?

How many mags do you carry?  

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  1. 1. Number of Low-CAPS magazines you carry (<100rnds)

    • <3 LOW CAP magazines
    • 4-6 LOW CAP magazines
    • 7-9 LOW CAP magazines
    • 10-12 LOW CAP magazines
    • 13-15 LOW CAP magazines
    • 16+ LOW CAP magazines
    • Not Applicable either because only High cap or mid-cap
  2. 2. Number of MID-CAPS magazines you carry (100-200rnds)

    • <3 MID CAP magazines
    • 4-6 MID CAP magazines
    • 7-9 MID CAP magazines
    • 10-12 MID CAP magazines
    • 13+ MID CAP magazines
    • Not Applicable either because only High cap or low-cap
  3. 3. Number of HIGH-CAPS magazines you carry (200+rnds)

    • 1 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 2-3 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 4-6 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 7-9 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 10+ HIGH CAP magazine
    • Not Applicable either because only low cap or mid cap
  4. 4. What position is your weapon most likely considered as?

    • Assault
    • Riflemen
    • Support (MGs)
    • Sniper
    • Other (please specify)

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My weapon(s) are mainly DMRs. I own an M14 and SR25. I soon hope for a G3 to finish it all off. My other two if you are curious are a MK96 and Thompson. It goes like this to simplify.


My Classes(like COD4) :a-thumbsup:


DM/Assault: M14/SR25/G3



Anyway, I am one of those people who absolutly hate HiCaps. I don't like to use the word "hate", but it's the truth. They rattle and give away my position. I carry two lows 4he MK96, one hicap for the M14, and one hicap and one mid for the SR25. I cary four 60 rounders for my M1A1.


now I said I hate HiCaps, am in the process of making money to buy midcaps. (Man, they are expensive for a piece of metal and a spring.) :a-embarassed:

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1 High-Cap (came with the gun)

2 Mid-Caps



I don't need alot of ammo. I excercise strict fire discipline. :a-thumbsup:

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3 Marui standards for my G3.


4 magazines for my MK.23.


I run light, and have never had problems due to a lack of ammunition. I am almost exclusively a semiauto user, and rarely fire at targets that I cannot hit. At larger ops, I carry a bag of BB's and a speedloader in my pack, and reload during the waiting periods if needed.


When I used my M16, I carried 6 mids, but rarely used more than 3.

When playing with the MP5, I carry 6 midcaps.

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I just have 2 high caps for my M$ cliped togeather. I never need more then that, not to mention I have a 203 and an extra grenade mounted to the RIS of my gun for thoes tough situations.


If I also run with a pistol its normally one in the gun and on in the thigh holster.


so I guess 2-4 all togeather. unless you count 203 grenades

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In a typical game, I'll run with 6 midcaps. In a longer scenario, I'll have those 6 plus another 4. And possibly 2 high caps with a supply of BBs in a backpack if it is a really long scenario. Sometimes if one of my friends is going really light into a game I'll give them a couple mags to give me if I run out or for them to use if they run out (best thing about STANAGs).

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3 MAG's mids, and a newer JG hi-cap magazine for my MP5-N.

3 G&P mids and its hi-cap magazine for my G36k, though I rarely deplete all the BB's in the hi-cap so I just keep the mids in the vest untouched.

2 WORKING lo-caps for my current sidearm, a M1911 MEU, have four but half are broken and needs repair.

Oh, and a ~28-round magazine for my Double Eagle springer :a-grin:

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