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How Many Magazines Do You Carry?

How many mags do you carry?  

236 members have voted

  1. 1. Number of Low-CAPS magazines you carry (<100rnds)

    • <3 LOW CAP magazines
    • 4-6 LOW CAP magazines
    • 7-9 LOW CAP magazines
    • 10-12 LOW CAP magazines
    • 13-15 LOW CAP magazines
    • 16+ LOW CAP magazines
    • Not Applicable either because only High cap or mid-cap
  2. 2. Number of MID-CAPS magazines you carry (100-200rnds)

    • <3 MID CAP magazines
    • 4-6 MID CAP magazines
    • 7-9 MID CAP magazines
    • 10-12 MID CAP magazines
    • 13+ MID CAP magazines
    • Not Applicable either because only High cap or low-cap
  3. 3. Number of HIGH-CAPS magazines you carry (200+rnds)

    • 1 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 2-3 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 4-6 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 7-9 HIGH CAP magazine
    • 10+ HIGH CAP magazine
    • Not Applicable either because only low cap or mid cap
  4. 4. What position is your weapon most likely considered as?

    • Assault
    • Riflemen
    • Support (MGs)
    • Sniper
    • Other (please specify)

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I run 4 Midcaps, 2 S arms 160rd and 2 G&P 130rd. Then I run one 300rd hicap. Plus I carry an M4 mag style speedloader (400rd), a pistol mag style speedloader (100rd) plus 1000 extra BBs. I'm very conservative with my ammo (I usually only reload once or twice in a game) and that's way more ammo than I need, but I carry it all just in case or because I'm too lazy to head back to my car to reload in between games.

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6 ProWin 50rd gbbr mags

3 VFC PDW Midcaps mags

4 TM Hicapa mags

3 KSC USP .45 Mags

5 TM Desert Eagle Mags

1 TM 1911 Mag

4 P90 Mags

1 P90 Boxmag + Hicap


Obviously, I don't carry all of these on me. But I bet you I could if I wanted too :a-grin:

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LowCaps ONLY! MidCap and HighCap is for sprayers or support.


Never-ending mags are not realistic and spoils the fun in the game.


Not necessarily. When a stock Airsoft M4 is shooting 19 RPS and a real M4 is shooting 725 RPM (~12RPS), then you have to take into consideration the ballistics a real M4 has compared to a airsoft gun... The extra 38 - 100 rounds is perfect enough compensation for all of it. Besides that, I know multiple US marines that use Hicap magazines when they play, AND in real steel they make extended, drum, etc magazines. Just pretend it's more compact. :a-rolleyes:


I'm sure magazine capacity isn't the main thing that dictates whether or not airsoft is fun. :a-rolleyes:

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It depends on what weapons I'm bringing to the field.


Ordinarily I have two CO2 pistols, one with two 17rd mags and one with a 15rd mag. If I'm using my Sigma I'll have a 40rd hicap pistol mag.


Currently my only primary is my P90 and I only use one hicap with it.


If I end up getting a new Crosman Plastic G3 SAS I'll have four hicaps for it (since I'll be putting a full metal gearbox it'll be a REAL aeg when I'm through with it).


I'm a flanker and an assault guy through and through.

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RS Cap Assault Rifle holds about 30-40 Rds. LowCap about 60-100 Rds. 1 Real Bullet = 2 BBs is realistic I think.


A ROF more than 20 BPS is fun, but is it usefull? Your MAG runs out quicker and your opponent gets more hits (hurts on some places).


Try to think of this situation: You face 5 opponents with a ROF of 25+ and Highcaps, all aiming and hitting you. Because having HighCaps they don't care about ammo and burst-fire. Till they realise that you got hit it needs about 3+ Seconds, thats 25x3x5 = 375 BBs. Well, rare situation, but happend.

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to continue the argument I feel that it takes more than only two bb's to match one real steel round, however how many specifically depends on the gun used as well as the weight of the bb used. Considering that a real steal M4 can easily punch through branches, plywood and a lot of the other things we airsofters hide behind the mid cap magazine is probably the most accurate in comparison between stock real steal and airsoft M4's, however if you can hold your own with low caps more power to ya!


10 metal matrix mid caps (70 rds)

2 high caps considering my mid caps for some reason are not feeding well...

2 1911 single stack mags

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8 Midcaps (60rds)

1 Highcap (Normally I don't use it, but I carry it around in case I have used all my midcaps)



3 Caps (15rds)



3 Grenades (only use it at CQB)





1 Midcap (150rds)

1 Highcap (300 I think)



3 Caps (15rds)





1 Highcap (250rds)



3 Caps (15rds)

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6 70 round magazines

4 15 round pistol magazines

2 Grenades


I normally carry sufficient mag'z since I am limiting my shots by shooting accurately. And

I need to find a tactical magazine chest that looks like this one anyone knows were I can get some?



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Considering I play the role of a spotter and an "operative", I need to travel light and move quickly, and I don't burn through a whole lot of ammo. Therefore, I run a single USMC surplus mag pouch (3 mags) plus one in my M4. I don't even bother with a chest rig, I just keep my mags across from my holster on my belt.

Oh, and 2 15-round mags for my 1911. And a rubber KA-BAR....

Edited by MadMike32

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Just remembered back then when my primary was a JG MP5 with two 200-round hicaps, I would at least burn through one per hour-long game, and when push came to shove, I would refill both of them within a minute through an inert Thunder B filled to the brim with .20g's and resume lobbing volleys of plastic ;)


An almost year-old gap from my original post, now I'm attempting to run 6 midcaps and a hicap through both my SR-10 and loaner M733. For my AK project, at least 3 midcaps and a hicap. I'm getting there...

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I have a PJ SPR(PJ is a A&K clone) bought from Taiwangun (original and final state pics : http://airsoft-timisoara.ro/forum/viewtopi...ctul+comercial) together with


3 X 68 PJ metal mags

2 X 20 PJ plastic Vietnam style mags


which of course needed tape to not missfeed. I rarely used up all the three 68's in the weekend skirmishes. Lately I got


9 X 70 M ver.Pmags (should hold 120bb's, but only hold about 70)


which I intend to use ; they wobble a little from side to side but feed verry good without any tape.


I have no extra mags for my pistols; I used pistols a lot more before I downgraded the SPR from 125m/s to 105m/s.

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1 Hi cap and a big bag of bb. Screw Milsim.


I've changed aswell. I now run with midcaps unless support gunning.

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I play as a DM.


I usually role with 1 Lonex highcap and 1 vietnam style highcap(which holds about as much as a 120round midcap..go figure).


I'd love to use some pts p-mag 20rounders. But the current BB's I use don't like to feed in midcaps :(

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