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Airsoft Lubricants - Silicone, Grease, Etc.

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I have been using Slick honey on my gears and Dow33 on everything else in the mech box for 3+ years. I clean my barrel & bucking with an alcohol wipe on the cleaning rod and lightly lube with spray silicone & a cloth. After the first few errant rounds, the excess is gone and I'm back on target- shot after shot. Just the .02 cents of a really old paintballer & airsofter. BTW- I get my stuff from here: http://www.macrolineguy.com/

slick honey: http://buzzysusa.com/

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No, not all lubricants are the same. This is definatly true for silicone sprays.


No, not all of them are "safe" for airsoft use.


NO WD-40, liquid wrench, PB Blaster, etc... or real steel gun products! (thanks BroodRed, I forgot this one)




Love it. For everyone that is a beginner, they should learn these by heart lol

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