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Wts: Simple Chest Rig

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This is a Simple Chest Rig that I bought from steelhawk airsoft for 40 dollars and im selling it for 30 with shipping. Unfortunatley I do not know what brand this is but I took a picture of the tag. this is a 3 color desert camo Chest rig that fits very comfortably. It has 4 dual m4 magazine pouches and 2 pistol mags that I usually use for flashlight or speedloader. This Rig has not seen very many games. It has seen exactly 1/2 a game. It was too hot so I took it off half way and kept it in the car. The Vest is practically new. Im selling it 30 with shipping and ill do 20 if you know where steelhawk airsoft is and we can do it all there.



on that link are some pictures

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