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Mr. Grenade

Wts: Full G&p Sr-16 With Scope, Mags, And Bipod

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After much thought I have decided to part with my G&P SR-16. This rifle was originally purchased new as a G&P M16a3 and converted into a SR-16 with a G&P SR-25 conversion kit. Every single part of this gun (except the scope, bipod, and riser rail) is G&P. G&P is known for their amazing external quality, and this piece is no exception. The engravings are flawless, and the feel of the weapon is superb. The mock suppressor is easily detached with a flick of a finger allowing the user to utilize the weapon in close quarters.


This weapon is in VERY good condition. I have never skirmished this weapon without wrapping the rail/suppressor in protective camo tape. There are some minor scratches in the stock that are barely noticeable. There are also some scratches on the back of the scope. They are purely cosmetic, and once again, not very noticeable. The only other noticeable defect is a tiny amount of rust on the scope ring bolts, and the riser mount thumb screws.


This gun is stock, so you can expect it to preform like a stock G&P. When the gun is working at its best it is very accurate as far as stock rifles go. It's very easy to sight in, and shoots very consistently. The ROF on this thing is insane. It feels like shooting a SAW in the form of a SR-16. The only performance issue with this weapon, which is very common in G&P guns, is that it is VERY picky about what kind of mags you use. With some mags, it will work flawlessly. With other mags, the BB's will fly in random directions. A new air nozzle will fix this problem. The mags that will be included with the gun are all G&P brand mags and seem to work pretty well in the gun.


I have maintained this gun religiously, with barrel cleanings after every skirmish, and monthly gearbox lubrication.


Items included


G&P SR-16


G&P M16 Front End (Carry Handle Included)


4xG&P Midcap Mags (3vn style 1 regular <AT> 110rds)


Echo1 Harris Bipod


Leapers 4x32 Full Size Mil Dot Scope


Riser Mount






FPS: Last chrono = 252fps with .25 BBs


Length: M16 = 987mm

SR-16 Suppressed = 1,100mm

SR-16 Standard = 955mm


Weight: M16 = 3100g

SR-16 = ? (significantly heavier)


Gearbox: Pre-upgraded version 2

Ball bearing spring guide

Ball bearing bushings

Aluminum cylinder head

Ported piston head

Metal air nozzle

G&P polycarbonate piston

Rear wired for battery placement in stock


Motor: G&P M120 high speed motor


Connectors: Deans style


Use: Approx. 10,000 rounds


Maintenance: Piston replaced at 7,000 rounds



















If you were to buy everything that I have for sale here new, It would cost you over $800. Obviously I'm not going to ask that much.




However, if you just want the rifle in one configuration or another, and with or without the extras, please feel free to PM me and we can work something out. If you don't feel that $425 is reasonable for the whole package, and would like to make me a lower offer, again, feel free. The worst I can say is no.


If you have any other special requirements (such as you need the deans plugs switched to a large type connector, more pictures, etc.), let me know. I'm always happy to work with buyers.


I will only accept PayPal as a method of payment and will only ship to a confirmed address. Gun will ship in original box.



Edited by Mr. Grenade

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I just wanted to say you have an awsome looking gun, and if I get money anytime soon I'll definately hit you up, but beyond all that, your add was clear and to the point. This is what for sale adds need to look like. Well done sir. Free bump.


Thanks for the free BUMP!

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Do you have a price with out the scope and riser? I am interested in the base gun. with out the extra forward and etc.


For just the base gun with nothing else, I would take $315.

If this works for you, ZOMGDELTA1!1!, please PM me.

Edited by Mr. Grenade

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Would you be interested in trading a Laptop for it?


Dav Out.


That depends on what kind of laptop. PM me with specs. Thanks for your interest!


EDIT: I just realized I accidentally bumped my thread twice in one day with ^this^ post. My apologies.

Edited by Mr. Grenade

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Looking for any trades?


Sorry, I'm not looking for trades at this point.



I have a masively upgraded Bar 10 pm me if interested


Thanks, but I already have a massively upgraded BAR-10. However, I'm going to shoot you a PM about a few of the spare parts you have.





Thanks guys! Keep the offers coming!

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