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Three Guns For Sale!

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OK, I have three different guns, one of which is mine, and the other two are my friends.


First is my ICS MP5SD6, the one with the retractable stock and silencer. THe gun has some upgrades in it, A Classic Army Cylinder head, Classic Army piston, and a classic army spring. The gun gets a great rate of fire and is extremely quiet for an AEG. The only problem is...the gun is in pieces. The gearbox is dissassembled and everything is in plastic bags. I have all the pieces I just don't have the time to assemble the gun. THe gun will include two long hi-caps and two short double-stacked hicaps. THe long mags hole 200 each and the short ones hold 500 each. Everything together is worth about $330 new. I'd like to get $240 for it.


Second is my friend's gun, a Classic Army G36c. It has a systema tightbore and systema hop-up sleeve. The gun is old but it has been babied and fires extremely well. It will include three hi-capacity magazines (all CA) and one 8.4 volt mini battery. Looking to get $230 for this.


Third is also my friend's gun, a DBOYs M4 SD CQB RIS. This gun just needs a hop-up bucking and sleeve and it will be ready to go. This gun has seen almost no use and has under 1000 rounds through it. This gun will include one hi-capacity magazine and the stock battery. He wants $150 for this.




All Prices are Negotiable. Thanks for looking =D

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