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So I have decided to sell my highly upgraded JG Bar 10. This has been my baby. It has been meticulously cleaned after every shooting and has been babied. I have decided to move onto different guns so this one has to go.


The Upgrades are as follows:

EdGI 6.01 Bull Barrel

EdGI SP01 (525fps) Spring

EdGI Steel Spring Guide

EdGI Lightweight Alloy Piston

EdGI Hardend Steel Piston Sear

EdGI Hardend Steel Trigger Sear

LayLax Dampend Cylinder Head

Nineball Hop-up Bucking

King Arms Hop-up Bucking

King Arms Bipod

PDI Bull Barrel Base

PDI Bull Barrel Front G-Spec length

PDI Receiver

PDI Bull Barrel Cap

PDI Bull Barrel Silencer Adapter

TM Hopup Unit

TM Precision Brass Barrel (Pro Sniper Length)

TM Hopup Bucking

Latax 150 Spring (puts it around 415 fps (that is rated for the spring but with the 6.01 it will be higher))

Bar 10 Scope w/ Illuminated Cross Hairs



Now for extras Included in the package:

Original Receiver

Original Outer Barrel

Extra Screws

Stock Hopup Unit

Also a bunch of random parts that I seem to have accumulated for it.


Also Note: Assembly Screws have been replaced


Now for pictures. (note that the scope shown in pictures is not included)
















Not too shabby huh??



As for Price I would Like to see 550 OBO for this gun. I have put many hours of my time into this gun. Not to mention that the price is much less than half the amount that I have put into her.


As for trades.... Entertain me but It better be good ;)



Also Note: Recently I had been having some accuracy issues. The shots would curve to the right at about a hundred feet. I have heard that most VSR's and Bar 10's seem to have this problem but this one seems to be slightly magnified. But I do not have another VSR to compare it to so it could possibly be normal but Im not sure. It could very well be that I have a bad bucking in it and could be that easy but then again maybe not.


Thanks for reading.

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Interested in trading for a heavily up'd AUG w/ 8 mags (7 mids 1 hicap) and some cash?




Toss a PM my way if you'd like pics and specs :)

You have a pm


How's the bolt pull?


Slightly difficult coming back but glass going forward. Defiantly one of the nicest ones around

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