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What Are Your Other Hobbies/sports?

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Playing Varisty football (year-round)


wasting (spending..?) time on ASF

Published writer, so sometimes I just randomly write for an hour or two.

Reading some Clancy

Playing drums


Partridge hunting (good times, deer hunting gets monotonous real fast)

Real Steel




Don't really play video games at all... I do play some SOCOM every other week or so.

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I enjoy the water. I live 730ft from the water, I fish, handline sweet sweet Chesapeake blue crabs, and next year I'll be kayak fishing there as well hopefully I'll get some rock they are there, but theres a bunch of blues. On the south river where my grandpa lives I have my 12' Jon boat with a 4HP 4 stroke Mercury motor that I enjoy crabbing off of her and sometimes fish (getting a 1000ft trotline soon). Next year I'll try chumming the water and see what the results are. This winter I'm trying to get a heritage redfish 12' (hopefully angler version but theres not much difference) to kayak fish. I'll be setting up a trolling motor on it to help out along the way. But thats why I haven't been able to get into airsoft much lately. Every penny is going into the kayak until I get everything setup...then airsoft lots and lots of airsoft stuff.

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Oh yeah, I forgot Downhill skiing. I also am getting a new XC bike soon. (Jamis Dakota 29er)

My dad lives in Germany, so I get to travel a lot. I have skied in Germany, Austria, and France. They have amazing skiing in Europe, One of the places I went in Germany was a glacier at the end of a long valley. We would wake up in the morning and ski down to the lift, then we could ski back to the hotel at the end of the day.

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Competitve surfing

Competitive motorcross


I'm a semi-professional photographer

Wakeboard, wake surf, drive my boat (22' '08 Malibu w/ every option available- makes for an epic wake)


Hanging out with friends at the beach

Most of all, parties.

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karate. got my black belt in kempo karate.

pb when nobodies airsoft guns are working.

wrestling when its warm out and my buddies are slightly tipsy.


racquet ball. I got hit one time and it left an epic bruise on my leg shaped perfectly like the ball.

running from class to class at college.

target shooting with my real steel guns.

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Collecting real guns. Expensive, but good investment...especially with Obama taking office. Only paid $750 for my AR, I could probably make $300 profit on it now.



Rock River Arms AR15

Remington 870 Express

Sig P229 .40

Remington .22 rifle

(not pictured-some old double barrel shotgun from my grandfather)



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Musician and music lover from way back.


I play:



Guitar (I have 2)

Drums (double bass!!!YEEAAHHHH....but jazz beatz are fun too)

Bass (easy if u can play guitar)

and to an extent, the violin and the harmonica.


I am also a gamer. LOVE burnout paradise, fallout 3, COD4, COD5, ghost recon, GOW1 and 2


Skateboarder. Riding an element chad muska old bones series deck with thunder trucks, darkstar armorlight wheels and rush abec 9 bearings...birdhouse hardware...


My friends get confused when I talk about element...the skatebrand or the airsoft acessories brand?


I also am into computers...

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My hobbies:

--I play the Guitar (I own a beautiful Gibson Les Paul sam Ash Custom, Flame top, all Gold hardware)


--real steel firearm...firing

--Swimming (pwn)

--Knife collecting (I use the knives though. I just like having alot of them)

--Balisong Flipping

--Magic (posted a vid up on the forums once but no one really watched it)

--Casino games (Texas Hold em/Black jack/21/whatever you want to call it)

--owning stuff

--I watch a ton of movies...I guess thats a hobby


Knife collecting is my "new" favorite hobby. I just bought 2 balisongs (or butterfly knives) and am really into them. I love airsofting, but I just quite buying guns. They cost too much $$$.

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