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Fs: Tanaka M24 Deluxe

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I am selling my Tanaka M24 SWS. It is a great gun but it is underutilized and I need funds to support other purchases (particularly that Real Sword SVD!).


This is probably about as good of an Airsoft Sniper Weapon as you could get. Its gas powered so its not usable in colder weather. However, when it is usable it has an effective range of well over 50 yards. The bolt is smooth and the magazines don't leak. Its heavy, probably not much different than the real thing. Using Green Gas (propane) the gun chronos around 550 fps with 0.29g BBs. I have consistently hit targets the size of a soda can at ranges of up to 175 ft. (with adjusted hop up and no cross wind, from a prone position). The gun can shoot farther than that but not as accurately.



Here is a list everything that is included with the gun:


Tanaka M24 SWS

Tanaka M700/M24 10 round magazine (extra)

G&G Power Pack (one on each magazine)

G&G Aluminum Outer Barrel and Metal Hop Up (smooth, solid metal)

Best Gun Hop Up Set

KM TN 6.04 Inner Barrel (587mm)

Leapers 3-9x 40mm Illuminated Rubber Coated Scope

Harris Ultralight S-Series Bipod (the real thing)

T.I.S. M24 Quick Cuff Sling (also the real thing)

OE Tech black nylon scope/barrel cover

partial package of Maruzen Grandmaster 0.29g BB (about 400 or so left)

Krylon Olive Drab Paint Job


I'll let you figure out what all that adds up to but needless to say it isn't all that cheap. A lot of the items are real firearms accessories so they are useful for things other than Airsoft shooting. The OD paint job is a good neutral color for camouflage.


Here are some pictures:



This picture includes everything that is for sale.












The gun, as it is now, is undamaged. Some of the OD paint has rubbed of in certain areas, but hardly noticeable. Brand new it was completely black. The original plastic hop up chamber cracked so I replaced it with the metal one that came with the G&G outer barrel. The KM inner barrel is 587mm long, a perfect fit for the stock Tanaka outer barrel (which is hollow aluminum). A longer barrel, such as the 637mm M700 barrel, would probably fit perfectly in the G&G outer barrel. There is a space about 4cm long from the tip of the inner barrel to the tip of the outer barrel. I have noticed no effect on accuracy because of this.


The price I'm asking is $585 and that is a steal.


This is a fairly expensive gun stock, about $450 brand new. The price of the upgrades and accessories nearly triples that cost. In reality, I'm selling this gun for less than 50% of what its worth. I realize that people aren't made of money and I'm not selling this for a profit. I want to pass it on to someone who'll appreciate and enjoy it. Please contact me via the forum if your interested in buying it. I live in Ballwin Missouri which is a suburb of St. Louis. I will likely use UPS to ship it but I can arrange it another way at the buyer's discretion. I am only accepting payment via Paypal at this time.




-Matt C.-

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