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Hey guys, just curious to see what some of your lives are like outside of airsoft. Some of the people I play with are well accomplished investors and some others are well accomplished xbox gamers/mcdonalds workers, Not hating don't take offense :)


What are your other big hobbies, goals, etc? PICTURES Please


Alright me-

I love alot of outdoor activities like skiboarding, hiking, adventur...ing. I love working on cars, I come from a mechanical background and you'd be surprised and what I can do automotively for a 15 year old. I run a business that is based off of one of my favorite hobbies, airsoft xD Performance A.T. I just saved up enough to get my jeep cherokee xj sport and am going to be building it up to have some good times offroad :D


I want to be an opthamologist and marine. Alot of people ask me about how I plan on doing that, the way I see it everyone has different callings and excell in different fields, I will pursue both careers and give them my best but if one doesn't work out I have another to fall back on and stay encouraged.


Right now my biggest undertaking is playing in our band "Modern Mosaic" (ya weird name don't ask) We already grew a big fanbase and have been playing awesome venues. I think we can take this pretty far, look us up in 5 years :D




Enough about me, your turns!

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Don't have any pics right now, but I do the whole AFJROTC thing. 2nd year cadet, all the way to C/MSgt, flight-commander for First Year Cadets, part time color guard member (rifle/flag), and drill team member. So that's basically what I do ALL THE TIME.

-The Invasion

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I have a couple hobbies including music:


Pic doesn't include other instruments I play, or musicians I watch/jam with.




I've been shooting since I was 10. (turning 17 at the end of the month)


I want to be an ornithologist and I volunteer for Fish and Wildlife at the CVNC. I'm part of the bird crew and I basically spend my time taking care of birds. That includes feeding them, cleaning cages and giving health checkups and stuff. When I'm not doing that I give presentations to guests about them.


Here are Izzy (female red shouldered hawk) and me when my hair was real short


Hawkeye (redtailed named after Natty Bumppo)


and my arm and Pico the great horned owl in the Sunday paper. :a-grin:

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