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Major Sale Part Deux: Gear, Guns, Parts, Externals

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Hey guys, I'm just trying to upgrade my arsenal, I need to start a new loadout, and get some new ACU's as well as make my g36 even more of a beast, So here's my sale and rules:


-I take paypal, well I'll take any kind of $$$

-I have immaculate feedback here

-I will try to list all prices with shipping included

-I do want trades for somethings, and I will have some items not for sale, but for a straight trade

-In trades, you ship first, no exceptions, boo hoo for you

-I am in CA, I ship regular USPS or UPS if the package is yoooge

- *** indicates BRAND NEW

-PLEASE PM ME, its annoying when I say this and people just post here, I will ignore it this time



That's all I can think of, so let's start this thang. my computer is messed up so I won't be able to put up pictures for a day or two





***Condor Admin Pouch in UCP (acu)- $13 shipped

***Condor Double AK pouch in UCP (acu)- $12 shipped

Milsurp. Canteens in Black and OD, I have 4- $7 shipped each

***Black Alice Pouch w/2 alice clips, holds 3 m4 mags with more room- $12 shipped

Hatch Woodland Knee Pads- $18 shipped

Milsurp Double weird thing pouch, tannish color, really old, maybe WWII or Korean War, belt mounted-$8 shipped

***Condor Jungle Vest in Black, can hold probably around 20 M4 mags, its rediculous, great starter vest, brand new, won in a raffle-$35 shipped (retails $45)

Painted Condor Double AK pouch, has brown, tan, CB, and OD on it, $8 shipped

Condor PC in OD, retails $70, used once, $60 shipped, its gonna cost me $20 to ship :(

Ebaybanned Multicam Hydration Pouch w/ backpack straps, no bladder, $17 shipped, retails $30 with bladder

UTG Mp5k holster, dusted tan, $18 shipped





Dboys M4 stock barrel-$12 shipped

JG G36c stock barrel-$11 shipped

TM Mp7 stock barrel- $10 shipped

Metal Phantom Flash hider, brand new, orange-$15 shipped

Dboys Pistol Grip, taken right off the CASV, no use at all-$10 shipped

RIS mounted Bipod, has green and black paint on it, in tiger stripe fashion, $22 shipped

Double Mag Clamp, for m4,g3,famas,ak-$17 shipped

Walther Red Dot sight, has RIS rails on 3 sides, comes with original box, retails $45-$35 shipped

Barrel covers, never used, won a stockpile at an event-$3, CAN'T BE BOUGHT ALONE

Element M4 Buffer tube with screws and stuff-$17 shipped

Dboys long motor, not much use at all-$17 shipped

JG short motor w/ motor cage, not much use either- $17 shipped

Dboys one pice metal hop-up chamber for M4, $10 shipped

Matrix M110 spring, broken-in- $8 shipped





slightly leaky TM mk23 mags, just needs a new valve-$13 shipped

TM M4 hicap, a little use $25 shipped

Dboys M4 hicap, no use- $17 shipped

AE M4 hicap, not much use- $22 shipped

battery chargers, I have two, mini connectors-$12 shipped

Intellect custom 9.6 4200 mah battery w/ deans, made for G36 KV stock- $50 shipped






Echo1 Mp5k, skirmished once, has a systema bucking in it, reshimmed, regreased, comes with an Intellect 9.6 1500mah stick battery. Comes with everything in picture, and everything it originally came with (more than is pictured) except scope mount


$130 shipped



Stuff for straight trade


Hydration Pouch, no bladder, its a little lighter than OD, so I guess it would be more MJK

will do a straight trade for Condor MAP-type Hydration Pouch, or brand new regular Condor Hydration Pouch



Woodland BDU pants, these are waaay to small for me, trade for bigger woodland pants to fit a 6'1 170lbs man

the small pants:

size 18

inseam 29 inch

waist 27-31 inch


Multicam Boonie, a little use, will trade for Multicam ballcap




All prices are OBO



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Free bump, please post pics.


thanks for the bump :D


I'm working on it, my computer got that whole trojan virus from that big microsoft scare thing, so its really hard to get pics.






I can get pics for you if you pm me what you want to see but otherwise, I don't really have the time to spend.

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