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Magwell Conversion For Star G36

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The Star g36 is another gun I am thinking about getting($145 at wgcshop so the price is right) but I was planing to only buy guns that can use m4 mags(cause I'm getting the Star m16) that way I only have to have 1 type of mags. So if I got a magwell conversion for the g36, is it worth it? Would it cause missfeeding? And is there 1 yall suggest?





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From a similar question on Acme Airsoft. I copied and pasted my answers here.


I had two of the Private Parts Airsoft Mag wells. Sold them to a friend. I didn't like them at all. I found the mags wobbled in the PPA Magwell, and if you don't put them just right, you can damage the feed tube to the hop up unit. All in all, I just found it easier to stay with the normal G36 magwell and magazines.


And on why you would want the conversion kit.


#1 M4 mags are more plentiful than G36 mags are

#2 M4 mags are cheaper than G36 mags are

#3 M4 mags have tons more pouches that they can fit into than G36 mags

#4 M4 mags, by virtue of their slim design, can be stacked into pouches and can there fore allow more mags to be carried than the G36 can.

#5 When I got my G36K, all but two members of my team were running M4's, so being able to use the same magazines just made sense.


All that being said,


#1 With G36 use on the rise, you can find mags just about anywhere now

#2 I've found the Star Mid Caps for $55 for 5 of them. Not too bad of a price

#3 I've found that by using AK pouches, the G36 mags fit fine. A 3 AK mag pouch will fit 2 G36 mags comfortably.

#4 Being that I don't spray and pray, the 11 mid caps I carry in field (13 if I don't carry my Glock 17 replica in one of the pouches) are fine and and work well for me.

#5 Of the currently active BRASS members, only one or two aren't running the G36, so now I am once again compatible with my teammates.


Besides I get to carry a 10" barreled M4 everyday at work so why play airsoft with something I get to do for real with? Variety being the spice of life and all.

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I use a G36 variant as my main gun. I too thought about the magwell conversion. The only reason I could think of was for cosmetics and 130rnd midcaps...


I actually like my 20rnd SL-8 mags more than my mid-caps, so ammo wasn't a factor. Besides that, the only M4 mags I REALLY liked were the Magpul P-Mags... and those are HELLA expensive!


Someone just needs to make a better looking G36 magazine!

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Just use STAR 140 round midcaps. I have 10 and they all feed perfectly. With a magwell conversion the feeding tend to be sketchy, especially with short mags. It's $60 for a 5 pack, not bad considering you have 700 rounds total.


It looks better and performs better with STAR G36 mags.

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