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Your list is pretty solid. The Lonex A2 motor, with 18:1 gears, and a 11.1v lipo is going to put you around the 24-26rps range. An equivalent 7.4v would put you in the 16-17rps range. A high quality 9.6v (Intellect or Elite brand cells) would put you right around 20rps. You do NOT need to swiss cheese your piston.


I understand you already ordered parts, but I am going to have to crap on your parade a little bit.

-JBU 7mm ball bearings: I highly suggest you swap these out for solid bushings. Bearings less than 8mm don't hold up well in the majority of setups.

-PicoAB MOSFET: I would suggest swapping this out for a non Active Breaking version. AB increases wear on the motor.

-Lonex 70d bucking: If you aren't doing any of the current hop up mods, particularly the R-hop, then you are going to want to go with a softer bucking. Softer buckings offer better spin/hop on the bb, and that spin is largely what dictates range.


Truthfully, if you clean your barrel, wash oil/grease off the bucking, and use .25g bbs or better, you can hit 160ft accurately with a stock gun.


I would also suggest checking out the link in my signature. It contains a list of guides on how to improve the performance of your gun and make it reliable. These are all do it yourself tasks, and cost very little in parts/materials.


Thank you for your answer Airborn 101,


I will definitely make sure to make the changes you suggested.


Do you have a suggestion on which MOSFET would be good to use?


Which type bucking should I go for in this case, if certain brands are better than others I mean?


I did read about bushings being more reliable than ball bearings in other forums too so I was really uncertain whether I should use them or not, now that you have told me I will swap them out for some solid bushings instead. After making the suggested changes to my build are there any parts I should consider changing or will I be good? Thank you for pointing me to your guide as well it has some really good info. Thanks again...


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For a MOSFET, go with the NanoSSR (same company that makes your PicoAB).


For a bucking, any soft type is good, but I would suggest any of the following: Prometheus Purple, Lonex 50d, G&G Green, and Systema.



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