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Kwa G36c, Ca M4, Ca Mp5 Sd6, Ca Mp5 A5

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KWA G36c

Never skirmished or used, bought for an MG36 project I've changed my mind on. Comes with a charger and a 1100MaH 9.6v battery.

$240 shipped





Classic Army M4

G&P Aimpoint

Riser rail

G&G S-100 Silencer

Condor dual double pouch

Condor triple open pouch

1500 MaH 8.4v Elite battery

Clip-on bayonet

$230 shipped





Classic Army MP5 B&T SD6

MP5 UMP Side Folding Stock (link)

ICS MP-5 RIS (link or link)

Leapers Red/Green Dot scope

Top Mounting Rail with Laser

Two metal S-Arms 150 round midcaps (link)

One metal midcap (unknown manufacturer)

Dual Mag Clamp

3-Point Sling (not pictured)

Missing charging handle

$200 shipped




Free holster, belt, and GBB (filling valve leaks) included with MP5 above





Classic Army MP5 A5

Metal midcap

Two plastic midcaps (unsure on feeding properly)

Glass on tac light is cracked, but light works properly

Wired to deans

$130 shipped





UHC Tactical 9 Rifle

Three 25 round magazines

20 shells

When loaded with shells, the rifle ejects a shell after each shot

$55 shipped





Large Battery

Elite NiMh


9.6 volts

Deans connectors

$40 shipped





Prometheus Perfect Metal Chamber NEO

$20 shipped


Paypal only!

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KWA G36 reduced to $230 shipped


The 5000 mAh battery was bought new this summer for a DMR project that never got fielded. I've used it as a backup occasionally, but I have no guns that can fit it so it was never used regularly. Very little use and relatively new.


The 1500 mAh battery off the M4 is about a year old, used a dozen times or so, nothing heavy. Not sure exactly why there was tape on the wires since I just removed it and the wires appear fine.

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oh I'm sorry, I want the G36. Lol, I am not thinking about buying this month though maybe next. PM me if it somehow doesn't sell (which would suprise me). I just don't need a battery.

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