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Serious Gun Sale!

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Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I'm cleaning out house!!! I need money for car repairs and I simply have too many guns anyway!!! Let the selling begin!!! (In theory...)




First up: The BAR-10!!!


The Upgrades are as follows:

EdGI 6.01 Bull Barrel

EdGI SP01 (525fps) Spring

EdGI Steel Spring Guide

EdGI Lightweight Alloy Piston

EdGI Hardend Steel Piston Sear

EdGI Hardend Steel Trigger Sear

LayLax Dampend Cylinder Head

Nineball Hop-up Bucking

King Arms Hop-up Bucking

King Arms Bipod

PDI Bull Barrel Base

PDI Bull Barrel Front G-Spec length

PDI Receiver

PDI Bull Barrel Cap

PDI Bull Barrel Silencer Adapter

TM Hopup Unit

TM Precision Brass Barrel (Pro Sniper Length)

TM Hopup Bucking

Latax 150 Spring (puts it around 415 fps (that is rated for the spring but with the 6.01 it will be higher))




Now for extras Included in the package:

Original Outer Barrel

Extra Screws

Stock Hopup Unit

Also a bunch of random parts that I seem to have accumulated for it.


And here are some pictures!!! I can get more pictures at the buyer's request - and sorry the pictures aren't excellent, it's been shoddy weather.














The scope is a Leapers 4x40, illuminated reticle scope. It has red and green crosshairs. I have all original manuals and extra batteries - the scope can be included for $25.00 extra.



I would like to get $525.00 plus shipping for this gun, which is less than half of what everything costs new!





Next is a non-functioning TM AUG.


It has an Element FTK and several other upgrades. It will fire sometimes and won't fire other times. I believe it's a problem with the trigger contacts (as several fuses have been blown), but I don't have the time or patience at this point to fix it! My loss is your gain!!!


The gun comes with two magazines (hi-capacity, I believe, I need to check) and a good quality mini battery.


There are NO warranties, express or implied, on this gun! I have described it to the best of my abilities.




I would like $175.00+shipping for this gun!!! This is a STEAL for an easy fixer-upper!



Third on the chopping block is my trusty TM MP5SD5


This gun has served me well. It is totally stock, and comes with 5 King Arms midcaps that all work flawlessly!


The only flaw with this gun is that the charging handle (which didn't do anything in the first place) was broken off/missing when I received it. It's a little obnoxious because the plastic attachment now slides around, but overall I don't notice very much. As well, when I was painting another gun, somehow some tan paint got on the silencer, so there's a funky splotch. Once again, it doesn't bother me, but you need to know about it!






I would like $150.00 SHIPPED for this gun and the midcaps. This price is OBO.



Last up (for now) is my G&G UMG.


I received this in a trade, broken, much to my chagrin, and I just haven't taken the time to fix it. I have all the parts required to repair it (and some are already in the gun). The sector gear is slightly stripped and missing a tooth (needs to be replaced) and the piston is shredded. I have a replacement piston and replacement gears, however the replacement sector gear would not fit in the stock bearings - you will need to buy a new set of 6mm (I assume) bearings. The other two gears (I think) I replaced with the upgraded steel gears. I cannot remember if I replaced the piston or not, but either way I have the right pieces for it.


here's a list of the upgrades:


Guarder steel gear set

Systema 6.04mm tightbore

Angel Polycarb piston

High-speed motor (don't remember brand)

Wired to deans, custom 9.6v stick battery


There are some other upgrades that I'm forgetting. I'll try to update this with all the other stuff at some point.


It's an INCREDIBLY cool gun - very good looking and very solid. The "H&K Slap" is tons of fun with the heavy metal bolt thats on the gun as well as the functional bolt stop!


I would like to get $200.00+shipping for this gun. It is in NON-FUNCTIONING condition!









*Pictures will be uploaded once the weather clears and I can go outside for some good quality photos - the light inside just SUCKS.*



I'm either looking to trade for CASH or an HK-416. You can throw out offers, but chances are I'm going to say no.


As well, any offered guns need to come with several (6+) midcaps or the money to buy a box set of midcaps at airsoft atlanta.




I would prefer the whole set sold for cash. Trades are second in value!



*I am M98man on Arnie's and M4Maniac on ASB*

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Ive seen that rifle somewhere..... How come your selling it?




yeah, I'm bummed to sell it, but I need to scrap some money together for some car repairs my insurance is flipping a :pain: over... As well, the team I was with collapsed, so playing the sniper/scout role just doesn't quite work as well.



And I'm just a gun *person you pay for services*. It legitimately bothers me to own a gun for more than a few weeks to a few months. I don't know why, but it's a SERIOUS problem. haha



*the censor gave quite an incorrect change... don't want to mislead anybody*

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