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G&g Scar-l Black.

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This is a G&G SCAR-L black. the ser. number is 268. I'm selling this because I like to only have three SCAR's and once I'm selling this one. The reason I'm selling the G&G over the CA, or VFC is because I can get the most. My other SCAR's have bigger problems and I can get the most for this one. IMO G&G has great internals and pretty good externals for this model. Everything is stock. I'm the second owner. First owner said he put around 8K IIRC and I have put maybe 200 through it. It comes with box, manuel, DVD, and bi-pod vert grip. The one problem that it does have is the stock lacth is broken. Evike carries this peice. It is a cheap fix, but I don't want to buy the part since I wouldn't get free shipping. Price is $290 shipped. Oh, and as for trades I'm want a KA SIG with this money, but feel free to offer. I also have a PPA SCAR silencer and flashhider $50 with gun or $60 with out gun.






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Guest M715ForLife

I know it's an EXTREMELY far shot, but would you want a Army L85 and a JG MP5SD5 for this?

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