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For Sale We M4 Gbb

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I have a Version 1 WE M4 for sale. I bought it New on 2/26. I have skirmished 2 games with it. Shot less than 300 bb's through it total. It comes with 3 mags. All green gas mags. One mag has a broken spot at the top from when it was dropped. That Mag does not feed bb's corectly. The Gun has the enhanced buffer that gives it 70% more blow back. It also has the LAT 90% recoil spring as well. Will come with the original parts too. I have a spare steel bolt catch just incase the one on the gun broke. Heard there was an issue with them. Also a can of green gas. I am asking $350. I payed over $500 for everything. Not really looking for any trades, but I might consider it.







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