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Full Metal & Wood Custom Aksu, Caw Wood Set

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Marui AK47S $255.00

G&G Steel Trigger Guard for AK Series $21.50

G&G AK Steel Selector Lever $9.50

CAW AKMS Carbine Wood Kit Set $140.00

G&P Metal Receiver-AK47S $70.00

CA AK47 Waffle Hi-Cap $35.00

Guarder AK Ribbed Top $45.00

CA AK74 Grip $25.00

Beta length outer barrel w/TM beta flash hider $45.00

SP90 Spring, Metal Shims & Bushings, rewired w/Deans Connectors (330 fps) $60.00

Total: $706 not including tax & shipping





Purchased a while back, but have not put any rounds into it other than for testing. Since then it has been sitting in storage. Also included are two UTG hi-caps. One mag is chipped next to the bb feed, but functions properly. Battery and deans adapter are not included. Slight marks on the thumbhole grip from the folding stock, but that's to be expected. I put electrical tape over these areas to protect the wood while in storage. As you can see, the wood has a nice reddish finish. I lost the screw securing the thumbhole grip to the front sight (pic 7), but I’ve tapped a few pieces of wood into the hole and it seems to hold it fine. I’m sure you can find a replacement at your local hardware store. The rifle has some heft to it, especially given its somewhat compact size.


Asking price: $375 shipped within continental US. I will also include a rifle bag with the AEG. Not accepting any airsoft related trades with the possible exception of full metal WA pistols. All forms of payment (monetary, that is) accepted. Below is a screenshot of my paypal info for reference purposes. My current reputation is over 300 verified paypal transactions.




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Guest z.Ynergy

free bump for a sick AK.


possibly one of the coolest custom aks I've seen in awhile...

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