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Wts:tm26,tmg36,kam4a1,iftu Gearset Package,gear,peq,vest,silencer

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Need this stuff gone to fund another project.


Trades im considering:

KSC USP compact

KWA USP compact NS2 system

MK23 either brand


Modify Torque up gearset.

- Brand new, never installed still in its packaging

Asking $50



TM G26 package (will not split)

-TM G26 with 6.01 tightbore, stock hop-up rubber, 3 non leaky mags in total, Serpa holster.(DOES NOT COME WITH PLATFORM, just serpa)

Asking $185




Spec-Ops Recon Ruck Ultra backpack in Woodland

-Never going to use it. They are discontinued so you wont find it on Spec-ops website but brand new they are $150. This one still has its tags and never saw anything more than a garage floor for a few hours.

Asking $85




Spec-Ops Rat Pack

-it is not molly mountable and is only ment to store things and then put into a backpack or something else. New from spec ops it is $50 and this one again still has its tags on and hasnt seen the light of day.

Asking $35




Peq Box

-picked it up and I didnt learn from my last 3 peqs that I just don't like the regular peq look.(no pic, you know what it looks like, its brand new)


Asking $10



The one pops has been using for the past few months, its molle, zipper up the front, adjustments under the arms, and velcro strips on the back, and bladder pouch inside.

Asking $35




Custom M4a1

-King Arms metal body with bolt release system, Has Colt engraved Trademarks.

-King Arms M4a1 front end

-King Arms buffer tube and standard m4a1 stock.

-King Arms pistol grip

-Mixed internals, Shoots well though.

Shoots roughly 340fps.

Asking $250





Has metal bushings, a m110 spring, Private Parts m4 mag well converter, Comes with a battery (not sure what voltage or mah but it is a NIMH) and a K length front grip set. Stock has a crack in the upper "bone" but is for some reason still sturdy.

Asking $170 shipped



ICS QD silencer

Brand new basicly, ive never used it. came in a trade, still has the orange on it.

Asking $35




Guarder Infinite Torque Up Set package.

Comes with the IFTU gearset (less than 500 rounds on it) Guarder half tooth piston (has less than 100 rounds on it), Guarder SP150? or SP160? shoots 550fps though with a good sealed setup.(spring not shown in pic)

Asking $65



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KA m4a1 is being parted out. Metal body, stock, pistol grip all sold.

Whats left:

KA m4a1 front end kit(will include stock inner barrel) $80 shipped

Complete gearbox $65 shipped


Will part out the G26 setup

$20 a mag $35 for the 2

G26 w/1 mag $145

Serpa $20 shipped


Modify Gears $40 shipped

Spec Ops Backpack $70 shipped

Rat Pack $30 shipped

Vest $30 shipped

ICS silencer $35 shipped

Guarder IFTU setup $50 shipped

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Modify gears $40 shipped

Recon backpack $60shipped

Rat pack $40 shipped

Vest $30 shipped

ICS silencer $35 shipped

Guarder IFTU set $50 shipped

KA m4a1 front set WITH stock barre/hop-up rubber/hop-up unit $65 shipped

Complete gearbox $50 shipped


G26 w/1 mag $130 shipped

Serpa $24 shipped

Spare mags $15 shipped each

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