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WTS: Upgraded Tanaka M40

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I'm trying to sell this gun because I don't play airsoft any more. I haven't shot more than 20 shots through it. I bought all the upgrades. The gun shoots 500 fps stock, so it probably shoots around 575 or so with all of the upgrades installed. Comes with all the stock parts as well. Here's what I'm selling:



- Tanaka M40 Gas Sniper Rifle

- 2Roy Hop-Up Chamber

- UTG 4X32 Mil-Dot Scope

- 1 Spare Magazine

- Prometheus 6.03 590mm Inner Barrel (installed)

- Nineball Hop-Up Bucking


Asking price - $650


I will part out the scope and the extra magazine, as well as all of the upgrades, provided that you buy all of them. I don't want to be left with a random part that doesn't sell easily.



Will trade for pistols (that I can easily sell) and cash combo.







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I only installed the inner barrel. I wouldn't know how far it shoots because like I said, it's brand new and I've never used it other than making sure it fired after I installed the TB barrel. I've been told to use propane and lube the magazine so it will work properly

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yes but I'll can only part out all of the upgrades or none. I don't want to be stuck with a random hop up bucking or something like that


Hey man! I actually got myself a stock Tanaka M700 from a buddy, how is your sales going?


How much do you want for the barrel, the hop up unit, and the bucking? Basically all of the upgrades?

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