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The Outdoor Campaign 3:Survival!

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Please note that the date at the end of this video is incorrect! The correct date is listed below!





Official game date


October 10, 2009

Where - Lynchburg VA, the Liberty University Police Department Firing Range and surrounding acreage.

Chrono will open 8 AM

Safety brief begins 9:15 AM

Team Brief Begins 9:30 AM

Game start 10:00 AM

Game End 5:00 PM

Cost - $15

To - paypal<AT>brassairsoft.com



Items to bring

A good attitude

A sense of personal honor

All necessary airsoft play gear

Multi tool

portable lunch

hydration system (we will also be providing extra

water at no charge)

white dead rag

Backup replica


1.0 Honor


1.1 Airsoft is primarily a game involving Military Simulation (Mil Sim). As such, it is a sport of honor and honesty. These characteristics of honor and honest are expected to be shown to all players, by all players, at all times.


1.2 These guidelines were arrived at by a concentrated effort of the members of the OC Coalition.


1.3 These guidelines may be amended in the future by the OC Coalition members and may be amended by specific scenario exceptions when agreed upon before games.


1.4 The OC Coalition is NOT a governing body, and enlists these guidelines in order to give players, teams, organizations and fields an enjoyable and safe experience at this annual event. All participants in airsoft events participate solely of their own volition and assume all risks.


2.0 Eye wear


2.1 Ballistic rated (minimum ANSI Z87.1 spec) fully enclosed eye wear is highly suggested!! Full seal goggles/masks are highly recommended, paintball goggles/masks are also allowed. Shooting Glass are allowed though not recommended.


2.2 Goggles/masks should not be removed during game play while in a game zone. Removal of eye wear should be constrained to no fire zones outside of the gaming area or in a designated Respawn Zone (see 9.4).


2.3 Blind Man Rule: If a player comes across a spectator (or anyone) without eye protection, or that has wandered onto the playing field, they shall shout "BLIND MAN" to stop the game for the safety of the persons without goggles and have them move off the field. Upon hearing the call of “Blind Man”, all players shall repeat it loudly until game play has stopped.



3.0 Airsoft Replicas


3.1 The OC Coalition suggests following the Real Steel Firearms Safety Rules.

( http://www.nrahq.org/education/guide.asp )

3.1.1 Treat all Firearms as if they are loaded.

3.1.2 Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to fire.

3.1.3 Never point your muzzle in the direction of anything you're not willing to destroy

3.1.4 Automatic Electric Guns (AEG), Automatic Electric Pistols (AEP), Gas Guns, Gas Blow Back (GBB) Guns, Gas Non Blow Back and spring operated guns are suggested for airsoft play and should have these rules applied to them.




3.2 Rifles, Carbines, SMGs, SAWs, LMGs, Side Arms


3.2.1 Maximum acceptable velocities

In the interest if simplicity the maximum acceptable velocity of a replica will be tested with.20g BBs.



Sniper Replicas 500 fps w/.20 bbs

Minimum Engagement Distance 100'


Outdoor replica's 420 fps w/ .20 bbs

Minimum Engagement Distance 15'


Indoor and CQB replica's of 330 w/ .20bbs or 1.00 j

Minimum Engagement distance N/A,


3.3 Sniper Rifles Replicas


3.3.1 Any replica with a fps rating of 450~550 fps using .20 gram BBs should be designated as a Sniper Rifle. Sniper rifles should be single shot or semi auto only due the the FPS.


3.3.2 Minimum engagement distance for Sniper Rifles should be no less than 100 feet.


3.4 No guns or devices (Grenade, etc) using explosive munitions should ever be allowed.


3.5 Specialty weapons such as grenade launchers, airsoft style rocket launchers, airsoft claymores, and airsoft mines could be allowed if the user shows proficiency with such a tool. A demonstrable understanding of MED (see 4.0) with specialty weapons should also be shown.


4.0 Minimum Engagement Distance – Safety No Fire Zone


4.A minimum engagement distance of 15 feet for all replicas, except sniper designated replicas and pistol replica's, should be maintained for safety. Should two or more players find themselves closer than this distance, they should transition to pistol replica's or switch replica's to semi auto.



5.0 Disengage


5.1 Disengage is used when two players find themselves unacceptably inside the MED. They may offer each other the opportunity to disengage, by calling out the same.



6.0 Hits


6.1 Hits to any part of the body or gear are considered “good shots”. Yell out “hit!”, follow any “dead rag” rules that may be in effect. Remove yourself from the area of play and follow the respawn procedure .


6.2 Shooting a downed man should not be allowed under any circumstance.




7.0 Knife Kills


7.1 Knife kills are not recommended by the BOC Coalition as all physical contact should be avoided.



8.0 Surrender Courtesy


8.1 It is suggested to be used when a player has caught someone completely by surprise and they are, for example, facing the other way. In situations where one player has worked in close to an opposing player, and their presence is not known, the player can call “Surrender”, to alert the other player to their presence. This should only be used inside the MED, and only when a player has the drop on another player. It should not be used against multiple opponents at one time. It is a “courtesy” and should be treated as such.


8.2 No player is required to surrender. However by refusing to do so, the player is accepting the risk of being shot inside the MED range




9.0 Other Rules


9.1 No Drugs or Alcohol will be allowed on the playing field. No exceptions. Unless you have a prescription, do not bring it to the game.


9.2 Do not push, shove or fight with any one while at any games. All involved parties should be expelled from the playing field and if necessary the proper authorities contacted.


9.3 Real Steel firearms and ammunition should not be brought to the playing field.


9.4 Respawn and Medic Rules will consist of the Sealed Card Medic System. After calling the “hit”, displaying the required dead rag, and disengaging as required, either a player or the designated Medic will pull the folded 3x5 card. Upon opening the card the player is given a timed “dead time”, that begins when the card is opened. At the end of such time, the player must first return the dead rag to its holder and may then reenter the game.


9.4.1 In games where a single team Medic is used, the Medic may move the wounded player to cover so that they may complete their “dead time”. The Medic must keep contact with at least one hand on the player. The Medic may return fire, though the dead/wounded player may not.


9.4.1a A dead/wounded player that is trapped in the middle of the action and is in danger of repeatedly taking shots due to their positioning, may move to a safer location of cover to avoid unnecessary hits from being taken. The player must ensure to display the dead rag, may not return fire, and may not move towards the single Medic




OC3 Facebook Page

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Hey man me and my friend are gonna try and make it out to this, were in Salem, VA and are just getting into airsoft and this will be our first bigger skirmish.


Also is there anyway to pay the day of instead of through paypal?

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Hey man me and my friend are gonna try and make it out to this, were in Salem, VA and are just getting into airsoft and this will be our first bigger skirmish.


Also is there anyway to pay the day of instead of through paypal?



Yes, that's not a problem I would like a fairly accurate count of how many you have attending as it aids with teams!


The Facebook Page has been updated! Check it out, as it has a discussion section titled OC 3 Aids. Read the things in there as they will assist you in the game!

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Remember guys, this is an "in the field" game! Bring a portable lunch or you'll miss game time running back to the staging area to eat!


Bring your own water, but I will have water available for free if needed! The Lynchburg Sheriff's Office and Lynchburg Project Lifesaver just donated two cases of bottled water for the game!


See you guys Saturday!

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