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Show your SPR/DMR

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Well although she was traded to Lon3Wo1f, she'll be missed. Sadly only got to cycle her, but I'm sure once it's back together Lon3Wo1f will change that haha


Upgraded alot externally and interally, and it's duracated, not spray painted. Only thing I wanted to do to it more was put a VFC PEQ15 and a side mounted red dot.









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I find the lack of M14 disturbing.


So, here we go. I'm not going to call it a DMR because I haven't spent $1000 on it, you elitists, but it outranges most of the people I play with.


Base: AGM Socom 16. Yeah, AGM.





Prometheus 6.03 barrel

KWA 2GX bucking

SHS High Torque Motor

Guarder SP120

JBU non ported cylinder

Replaced cutoff lever for semi auto

Guarder Stainless Steel Cylinder Head

Guarder Air Seal nozzle

Systema Ball Bearing Spring Guide



G&P Heat Shield (didn't like having the rail on the handguard)

G&P Scope Mount

Spartan Doctine Mock Silencer

James M14 Leather Sling


Aimpoint is only temporary until I get some lower profile scope mounts for the scope I have.


It shoots about 375 with .20s, which is as high as I want to go for now. I don't want to disable the semi auto just yet, although my field finally agreed to make a FPS limit for DMRS of 450 instead of 400 for regular AEGs. So that would be next on my list.


Trigger response is great, RoF is also very nice, although I don't have any specific numbers for that.




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Well, after many headaches, may I introduce my KWA KMK12 MOD0 SPR. Just waiting on the King Arms SPR barrel extension and it's good to go.



EDGI 6.01mm TBB

Guarder SP130

Bravo AMU 2


Shooting 500 FPS- Confirmed hit at 260 feet so far.



Dboys MK12 Kit

KA Pistol Grip

G&P Trigger Guard

Leapers 3-9x50 Mil-Dot Scope

UTG Bipod


Let me know what you guys think!




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im not sure if this will upload or not because this is my first attempt at posting pictures.but if it does its a stock dboys spr all stock with a UTG 3-9-40 rubber scope I plan to add a new stock not sure what kind yet and then I will upgrade her internals. :a-cool: DSC05993.jpg




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Guest alberty
[10/22 thing]


I wish I had a better camera in London :( Poor cellphone pic, but this is definitely my new favourite toy. Pretty much zero recoil, but it still goes bang when I pull the trigger. Exactly what I wanted in a semi auto DMR.


Haha, very creative

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Not entirely sure where my scope is right now, so I'll have to do without.


CA M15A4 CQB base gun

CA SPR kit

Matrix M160 dropin gearbox (stock aside from a KWA piston head) + Matrix 3000 motor


Madbull 6.01 + Flat hop

MOSFET + 14.8v battery


All natural, baby! No fake wear and tear here.


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Mutt m4 recce :censored2:...thing.


Internals? Fusion engine. With the silver nozzle on a 407mm barrel it is adjustable from 450fps all the way up to 530fps. I keep it around 460fps and at that power level, with .40g bb's and an r-hop installed into a madbull barrel I am hitting a mansized board at 300ft.


Really want to get a rail of some sort to reinforce the recce look I'm going for. With the low power nozzle it goes down to 350fps and I can take it to any field I want, even the fps-phobic ones.



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OK.... Here are my DMR´s.


A&K M16 SPR mod 0

-Matrix m150 8mm bushings lipoly ready gearbox

-Prometheus 500 mm 6.02 tightbore

-Madbull Illuminated Hopup chamber

-Madbull "BLUE" hard hopup bucking

-RS Magpul PRS adjustable stock.

-King Arms Sniper type Handgrip.






WE M14 DMR (pimped as M25).

-500 fps upgraded Nozzle.

-King Arms M14 RAS.

-M25 Flashhider.

-Harris bipod.

(I wish WE or Ratech would release a DMR conversion KIT like G&P´s)






I hope you guys like them.

Both of them work like a charm.





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My first post! Whoo hoo!



Although I like M4's, there are just so many of them. By building on SR25's I could be different enough but not so much that it made customizing especially difficult. There have been issues with some of the front ends I've had built, but I have to say I really like the look of this SPR version now that it's done. It took a long time to finally find the "right" parts for me, with different scopes, barrels, stocks, grips, etc. but this one is now officially done.




7.62 goodness



Scope with red dot



This is the 3rd and final barrel installed and I love it




SR-RL (Ridiculously long), also known as my "Diva Princess"

I found the Madbull RIS online and just wondered what it would look like, especially since the SR25 already has a ridiculously long suppressor standard. Put them together and I can't even fit the whole thing into one picture. Here she is with a CQB M4 for reference. I had this done for giggles and she has returned the favor by working only when she wants. Even though she's a CA with all CA upgrades internally, she is very picky and I treat her with kid gloves.







SR-H, also known very affectionately as "Stubby"

Not an SPR but she is my very favorite rifle. She normally goes out with an AFG but I had picked up the M203 the day I took pics, so I figured I would throw it on and make Stubby an "H" variant. I have to admit, she looks much tougher with it on but I only shoot in semi on all my rifles so the thought of a cloud of BB's emanating from my hands is too much voodoo magic for me to comprehend. We call her Stubby because she sits next to Diva Princess and somehow looks small in comparison. Like a great girlfriend who doesn't need makeup or expensive gifts, she is bulletproof reliable, and my go-to.




I've got one more version in the works but I'm happy to have finally finished my SPR!

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Sorry these aren't better pictures. My camera's been acting screwy and the lighting wasn't that great to boot. Enjoy anyways.






That's my baby. I bought her years ago and never really got into the DMR game until a couple of months ago. She's currently a work in progress so expect to see updated photos (hopefully with a better camera) in the near future.

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DMR for life, I sold everything that wasn't a DMR lol





That KC02 is one of the coolest things, airsoft-wise, that Ive seen in a long time.



Mind divulging how much you shelled out for that??




And Im sorry if this offends you Woogie, but that CrimeBuster deserves a better picture than that. lol


Thing is legendary. I give my respect to classic guns. Really neat.


Without the ghillie would be sick.

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