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Show your SPR/DMR

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I was able to throw myself together a G36 DMR not long ago.


Now I know what you're thinking....."G36's aren't DMR platforms. A true DMR doesn't take a standard AR round".....well they are surprisingly good in the airsoft world. They can be a good platform if you know how to mod them.

here's mine:



Base gun is a JG G36e with bipod.

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I'm not entirely sure if it WA's limited production but is now discontinued.

I bought from Italy,I think I've seen a last one on UNcompany or DENtrinity.

Don't expect it to be cheap, also there are and the SR25K around if you're interested.


I don't know shy I didn't like the G&G GR25, probably because of the finish but this is absolutely beautiful, love the engraved trades even though these are not like the ones on RS.




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I find the lack of scar's disappointing, so here is mine!


Its a dboy mk17 but has been upgrade inside to 445fps w/.2



List of known parts

SHS high torque gears

m130 (I be leave)

ball bearing bushings

ball bearing spring guide

and custome work on piston head and nozzle.

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JG G36e DMR (custom built last year....in process of throwing in an SHS M120 spring later this week.


Last good photo taken of it:




I've recently added a Duplex reticle 3-9x40 riflescope on it, called the BSA Sweet 22. Looks great...performs even better!



I'll be making a shooting video of it some time soon, once I get that new M120 in it.

I'll be posting it in this thread when it's done. Very happy with the results so far. Lets see what happens later.

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that isans awesome JAE. makes me miss mine.

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My CA M15 X-Series based SPR


Gun built myself. Items were all purchased around 2009 and I finally stopped dinking around and properly put it together in 2011


Just recently returned to airsoft, fixed more of the issues and got it together perfectly with the extreme fire mosfet.


Systema Magnum Motor (Grounding issue addressed and broken in properly)

King Arms 7mm Ball bearing gearbox

Guarder SP150 Infinite Torque up kit

Ajax STS system

Guarder hopup

Firefly bucking

Prometheus AK length TBB

Extreme-Fire mosfet

Tenergy 16awg complete rewire

XT60 connectors

SPR style pistol grip

Forgetting other things


Planning on going with an r-hop soon and fixing a few other issues here and there. Love the gun. Accuracy even without an r-hop is still insane at times.

Really need to get a set of higher scope risers and slap some paint on it


Pictures first day it was up and running








Pictured with my WA Series 70 1911 and my old KJW 1911




Quick vid from this morning after swapping in the Guarder cutoff lever and redoing the settings on the panther


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VFC Colt MK12 MOD 1 SPR - Magic Box modded



Gearbox: Stock (8mm Bearings)

Bushing Brand: Magic Box

Spring: Magic Box M150 (irregular)

Gears: Lonex High Speed Steel

Motor: Lonex A2 High Torque

Cylinder: Magic Box Teflon

Cylinder Head: Magic Box Aluminum

Piston: Magic Box POM

Piston Head: Magic Box Double O-ring

Nozzle: Magic Box

Tappet Plate: Guarder

Spring Guide: Stock

ARL: Stock

Mods: Upgraded to M150 spring

(This is not a gaming rifle)

Magic Box 2.0 silver wiring


Barrel & Hopup

Barrel: Stock

Length: 460

Diameter: 6.08

Hopup: Stock

Bucking: Stock

Nub: Stock



G&G folding front vertical grip

G&G Specter DR 1-4X scope

Echo 1 Crane stock

NCSTAR compact combat bipod



Battery: Tenergy 11.1V 1200mah 20C

Battery Location: Buffer Tube

Mosfet: None



This is a brand new rifle.

This will not be a gaming rifle.

460fps - 8 round average (0.25bb).

18rps -sacrificed rps speed for velocity.

After some initial barrel nut issues, distance tests show very reliable accuracy in excess of 225 feet.




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Finally one of my KC-02 is almost ready!


All steel internals, the only stock parts are the hop up housing, some screws and the actual receiver!!

The only think I might do is to polish the sides of the receiver as it's on the TK 10/22!

But I'll do that at much later time...!


The scope is too big... I've my 3-9x40 on a SR25 and it's at my home, I'll take some photo's again when I have more time.


The stock is a Magnum Research Barracuda and the barrel custom made carbon barrel by Woogie! Again thank you mate!!









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Bruin, that is a sweet handguard. Where did you get that?


I'll throw in some 7.62 superiority.





Classic Army SR-25




-Franktorque Motor

-Lonex 70 Degree Hard Bucking

-Lonex Plastic POM Ball Bearing Piston Head

-Lonex CA M14 Airseal Nozzle

-SHS 7mm Oiless Steel Bushings

-SHS M140 Spring

-Prometheus 509mm 6.03mm barrel





-Ares SR-25 Scope Mount

-King Arms M1 3.5-10X 40mm Scope

-King Arms M4/M16 Fire Selector

-Harris Bipod (not shown)



6x G&P SR-25 170rd magazines


The gun is locked to semi auto only through the fire selector switch and is currently shooting 445fps.


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