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TM glock 17 and 26 help!

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Personally, if the only reason you're looking between the 26 and 17 is price, I'd just go with the 17.


The Glock 26 is one of TM's older models. The Glock 17 is the newer 3rd gen blowbacks. It pretty much runs circles around the 26 except for sizes.


Also, due to the length of the barrel, and also due to the Glock 17 more refined hop-up, the Glock 17 has better accuracy and range.

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Yup what he said. The G26 doesnt even have drop in aftermarket barrels, you have to custom fabricate your own (Cut down to size and make the specific cuts needed for the hopup) or get EdGi to make one... And they may not even have the specs. The G26 is also near impossible to find a Metal slide for (At least the Guarder one is) and all the upgrades that were made for it are pretty much discontinued.


Edit: But of course you can still find the upgrades if you look hard enough... Yo ucan ask Mike McNair about his, he has a fully upgraded one.

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The 26 is def a sweet little sidearm but between the 2 I would go for the 17 first.


Especially if your looking for a sidearm to skirmish with.


Like what was already stated above the G17 is a newer version and will give you better overall performance.


I personally love all Glocks and the 26 is one I still need to add to my collection.


And Mike I know ive said it before but ill say it again......



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