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Im planning on buying this cause all the reviews said it was pretty good and because its the only ump in its price range, I was wondering (1) is there anyting on the gun that just NEEDS to be replaced, or is it all good stock? (2) Also I want to put some kind of suppresor on it, can anyone recommend a cheap one that will work with it?

EDIT: (3) also can someone please recommend a good battery for it, I don't understand batteries and the numbers involved.


Thank you.

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I've had this gun, used it for along time. Sold it to my neighbor, still runs fine.


Few things need replacing: The motor is absolutely atrocious. Unless you mind a slower than real steel ROF (and the real one is pretty slow) then you're going to want a better motor and battery. Also, it probably needs the standard MPEG accuracy upgrades like a Systema bucking, SCS nub and Madbull TBB. Other than that the gun performs pretty well stock.


When it comes to batteries, the battery compartment can only hold batteries the length of an 8.4 volt stick battery that uses 2/3 A cells. I got myself a custom 9.6 volt 1100 mAh double stick battery similar to this, but mine didn't have Sanyo cells. The cell size is AA, so if you want you can go to cheapbatterypacks.com and build yourself a custom Elite pack with 1700 mAh AA sized cells, 18 AWG wire, and small female Tamiya airsoft connector for $26.




If you do get the gun and a custom UMP battery, you're also going to need to remove a part inside the body. In the battery compartment there is a small metal shelf that holds the stock battery above and away from the mechanism for the charging handle and ejection port. It's fairly easy to do, all you need is a screwdriver and a guide to disassemble the gun.


I liked the DE UMP a lot while I had it other than the slow ROF, and it was perfect for me at the time since it was fairly accurate and very durable. The body construction can take a lot of abuse. I'm considering buying another one and using it as a project gun.

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