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Rifle Guides, Reviews, Modifications, & Other Tips

Recommended Posts

Global Modifications / Tips

These modifications apply to all platforms with similar results.


1. SniperPT's [ASR] Cylinder Head Bevel Mod

Increase airflow, efficiency, and FPS by modifying the shape of your cylinder head.


2. TCF's [ASR] Tightbore Modification Guide

Very good guide on how to modify any tightbore to fit any gun.


3. xavierthegreat1's [GOOGLE GROUP] Generic M700 Disassembly Guide

This is a very basic guide on how to break down any M700-based airsoft rifle. This guide is to be used as a general overview of the takedown process and is NOT verbatim for all rifles.


4. Tux's BASR Maintenance/Performance Tweaking Guide

Very good basic resource to make sure you are getting the most out of your stock setup.


5. Tux's Slam Firing Troubleshooting Guide

Excellent guide for identifying the causes of slam firing. Same principals can be applied to all BASRs.


6. How Hop-up Works

Guide explaining how hop-up works. Very informative.


7. Philosopher's Gun Leveling Mod

This is a nifty guide teaching you the importance of shooting level. A mod is included showing you how to install a custom level to your gun as well.


8. TOMMY GUN's Custom Mcmillian Bondo Stock Guide

This walkthrough shows how to make a custom Mcmillian A3/A5 style stock out of bondo. The gun used in the guide was a JG BAR-10 but this can be performed on any gun in theory.

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TM VSR-10 / Clone Rifle Infos

1. Noobie's BAR-10 Project

Very informative piece of work going into detail on important accuracy factors.


2. Rogue Wolf's Barrel Spacers

Make barrel spacers out of foam!


3. SVT Cobra's [ASR] BAR-10 Magazine Maintenance Guide

Magazine care is vital to accurate shots.


4. SVT Cobra's [ASR] Hop-up Shimming, BAR-10 Barrel Spacers, and Clay Stock Mod

Make your gun more solid.


5. Von Luck's VSR-10 Cylinder Pin Removal Guide

Essential guide for upgrading stock VSR-10 cylinder internals.


6. TCF's [ASR] Massive BAR-10 Upgrade/Takedown Guide

This is perhaps one of the single most informative BAR-10 topics overall.


7. Philosopher's VSR-10 Extended Mag Modification

This guide shows how to get a cool extended mag by using a standard M14 highcap.


8. Mag Catch Problems Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting steps for those pesky mag catch problems.

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Maruzen Type 96 / Clone Rifle Infos

1. ZER0 WOLF's Type 96 Modification & Tuning Guide

Excellent resource with information on tuning your Type 96 to sniping specs.


2. zulu058's Disassembly/Upgrade Guide for Type 96

Very detailed guide with good pictures and information for platform building.

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Hybrid / Proprietary Rifle Infos

This section is for unique rifles with limited to no aftermarket potential or mixed aftermarket compatibility.


1. Cataphract_40 [ASR], UTG M324 Barrel Installation - DBC 6.01mm

This guide shows detailed info on how to break down the M324 to the hop-up/barrel assembly and replace the inner barrel.


2. Matt S.'s [ASR] MP001 Overview

Basic overview of the MP001 and its features.


3. Tyler's Super 9 Upgrade Guide

Very nice guide for those of you who want to do something with your budget Super 9s.


4. A&K SVD Highcap to Real Cap Modification

Another great contribution from Pendra!



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