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Another CZ75

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I've still got one CZ75 left over from my last sale, I planned to keep it but I'm done tinkering with it. The gun cycles perfectly with a standard (non hiflow) valve in the mag, however the only valve I have for it at the moment is a KM hiflow, which the hammer isn't stiff enough to properly operate. The hop-up rubber is also pretty ripped up. Other than those two issues, there's nothing wrong with the gun and it's in pristine condition. A simple purchase of a non-hiflow valve and standard KSC/KWA M9 bucking will fix it right up.



Package includes:


KSC CZ75 2nd version lower w/1st version upper

Custom cut recoil spring installed for easier lockbacks

Full trades


1 non-leaky 26rd mag

KM Hi-flow valve installed








Asking $55 shipped! For an out of production, $150 gun that just needs a new valve and bucking you're getting an extremely good deal here.




-KSC/KWA Glocks

-KSC/KWA Glock Mags

-KSC/KWA Glock parts, upgrades, accessories, etc.

-Other GBBs, shotguns, or AEGs (depends on the offer)


Reply below or PM me with any offers, thanks!


-Dr. X

Edited by Dr. X.

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Just tested it with a standard (not hiflow) valve from my Glock, it cycles perfectly! All that's needed to fix it now is a standard (not hiflow) KSC/KWA valve and a new bucking (KSC/KWA M9 ones should fit). Price is still the same!

Edited by Dr. X.

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