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Custom Made Stubby M4

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The previous buyer flaked out, so I'm starting a new thread. Selling my Stubby M4, amazing gun but I never use it.


Base Gun:

-JG Stubby Killer (black reinforced gearbox version) - $140



-Echo 1 full stock - $30

-Dboys metal body - $30

-G27 grip - $35

-G&G foregrip - $8

-Custom metal flash hider - $5

-NC-Star reflex sight (4 diff. reticles, 7 diff. brightness levels, recently replaced battery) - $40

-190rd VN hicap mag - $0



-G&G 205mm tightbore - $25

-CA metal hopup unit w/JG gears - $20

-KA bucking/nub - $5

-10.8V 1600mAh battery (wired to DEANS connectors, I'll include a large-to-deans adapter for your smart charger) - $30



-The stock needs to be removed (a very simple process, only one screw needs to be unscrewed) to access the battery since the wiring is relatively short (for a higher ROF)

-The reflex sight is missing part of the covering on top (does not affect operation)

-The gun is missing the cocking handle return spring (again, does not affect function of the gun at all)






The gun's compact size and excellent ROF make it great for CQB games, plus it has great range for it's size (estimated ~150ft effective). Everything on the gun is metal, aside from the grips and rubberized stock. It has a few thousand rounds through it and never failed or jammed on me, JG's gearbox and motor are very durable. I've kept the gun well-lubed and cleaned it after every game. I'd recommend heavier BBs (.25g - .30g) as it fires too hot and fast for good groupings using .20s.


I've spent almost $370 building this M4, not including postage. Looking for only $230 shipped OBO! I need this thing gone!


-Dr. X

Edited by Dr. X.

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