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G&G knock arm and plunger set help

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Well I just tried installing the G&G knock arm and plunger, reassembled the whole mag hooked it up to my air rig and air just continuously comes out of the valve. The valve for some reason is not closing all the way. It looks like it closes completely, but I guess its not going all the way up. Does anyone know how to fix such a thing? I've been sitting here for the past two hours trying to figure it out.


I followed this guide: http://www.mnairsoft.org/howtos/Instructions_for_G&G.htm


I can provide pictures if necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Never mind, I figured out that the new valve knocker was keeping it open due to different dimensions. I reinstalled the old one and it worked fine. I'll just have to stick with the plunger part only.

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Did you file the hole out to make sure the plunger can move freely?


Try putting some oil right where the back of the mag contacts the plunger.


Yes I already filed it to move smoothly and lubed it as well.



Does this happen when the magazine is inserted into the gun or out or both? Did you install the new and old o-ring around the knocker arm or just the new?


It happens whenever I hook up my air rig, both in the gun and out of it. Was there supposed to be a new o-ring included? Like I said in the edit, it works fine with the old knocker with the new plunger. Its the new knocker that is keeping the valve open. Is there any benefit to the new knocker, or should I just stick with the old one?

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Hey, I had exactly the same problem, when I first installed the G&G steel knock arm.


I just put back the original knock arm, just like you did. There is no real difference I think... the knock arm doesn't seem to wear down.


Here a picture of the original and the G&G steel knock arm:




As you can see there is quiet a big difference...

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