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kjw mag leaking

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I just recently picked up a m700 off the forums and when I received it all 3 mags were leaking. I was able to get 2 of them not to leak with the use of some silicone and Teflon. The third though I have realized is leaking from where the plunger is.


I'm wondering, is there any way to fix this without having to replace the plunger arm? Also, is the G&G valve knocker compatible with the kjw m700 mags? it looked thinner than the stock one so I wasn't sure.

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screw silicone and teflon


take out the offending O ring and put some white lithium on it and the track it sits in, when the gas cools the lithium it will expand and seal the leak.


if its leaking from the actual plunger, eg where it fires from, there is a vertical screw on tanaka mags that allow you to adjust this, I think in the KJW it is a single piece, you'll have to take apart the mag to confirm. you will have to take the back off the magazine because the cam-arm sits inside the plunger and it will not come out without first the cam being removed.


if its leaking from where the hammer hits, your probably screwed but you can pop off the back carefully and try lithium on the O rings. careful you don't strip the holes.

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