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Airborne101's guns

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G&P Mk 18 MOD 0, courtesy of fcma172. I will be turning it into a DSG.


-SHS Cylinder head
-SHS Tappet Plate
-SHS 15 Metal Tooth Piston
-Modify Polycarbonate Piston head
-Systema M140 spring
-Mystikal/HS5 MOSFET
-JG Blue M42 Motor
-Siegetek Concepts GS-RP-C 10.44:1 Revolution Plus with DSG
-Siegetek Concepts SGS-Still waiting on
-M130 or M140 spring
-KM 6.04mm barrel

Got a little bored today, so I took some time to customize the stock a bit.

I finally got the internals put together, so here is the test video.

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Completed TM 1911 MEU

Guarder TRP MBK
Guarder Grip Safety
Guarder Safety
Guarder Mag Release
Guarder Slide Catch
Guarder Barrel Bushing
Guarder Spring Guide & Plunger
Guarder 150% Recoils and Trigger springs
Shooter Design Barrel




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Got a few new additions over spring break.

The A&K M60 is in a need-a-lot-of-work shape, but I acquired it from a buddy for a nice price. All it needs is a barrel, motor, microswitch, and some wiring and it will be up and running. It was missing a few screws and springs which I got from the local hardware store, so it is in good shape in that regard. All said and done, I expect to spend less than $200 to get this running, and upgrade wise it won't get much, as it is going to be a slow ROF 400fps gun. I will also being doing all the regular tune up stuff.

The TM MP5 PDW I acquired from a member on this forum for a great price. It's in working condition and is a stock TM. All I intend to do with this one is throw in some metal bushings, put in a bearing spring guide, and use a 300-320ish fps spring. The motor that came with it appears to be a stock D-boys (chaoli?) motor which was way too slow, so I popped in one of the stock CA motors I have laying around. I think it is good in that sense. I will also be porting the stock piston head, and doing all the regular tune up stuff.

Picked up the Madbull 24rd Stinger grenades from another member on this forum. I've procrastinated on getting grenades for my M203 shown earlier, just because they are so expensive and I probably wont use it a lot. But I got a good deal on these too, so might have a M203 launcher that I can actually use. One of them had a slight leak which I made worse when I dissembled them. I am waiting on a replacement fill valve from Madbull, and I should be golden. These got broken down, cleaned inside and out, and regreased. They are stupidly fun to shoot. a-grin.gif

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The M60 got a home over the summer. Spent 2 days building it, and a week painting it.






I figured with the gun being sold as a parts gun, and missing a plethora of parts, I would have a difficult time getting it working. That actually wasn't the case. I had to buy 3 parts, cannibalize a motor, and rewire the gun/mag including a new micro switch. The rest of the missing parts were trivial. The gun perform flawlessly until I switched it to wind the mag as I fired, blowing the MOSFET. Turns out I wired it wrong a-embarassed.gifa-embarassed.gifa-embarassed.gif

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The M60 looks like a beast in that case.

I can't wait to tote it onto a field. The box is just small enough that I can carry it with relative ease using the handles, but its easier to have 2 people haul it.


The 1911 also got new tan Ready Fighter grips, in no small part thanks to Rd012. It looks almost identical to this one: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.ph...&p=18716764

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An update of the 1911 with the Ready Fighter grips

And a new addition. Classic Army SR-25


Internals consists of:
-Frankentorque motor
-Lonex 70 degree Hard Bucking
-Lonex Plastic POM Ball Bearing Piston Head
-Lonex CA M14 Airseal Nozzle
-SHS 7mm Oiless Steel Bushings
-SHS M150 Spring

Externals consist of:
-Ares SR-25 Scope Mount
-King Amrs M1 3.5-10X 40mm Scope
-King Arms M4/M16 Fire Selector

The only things left to purchase and install are a Prometheus barrel, ER-hop, m-nub, and lap the barrel. It got the usual tune up stuff, AoE, shimming, compression mods, sorbo/window cylinder radiusing. Might get an Harris bipod for it.

Haven't been able to chrono it yet, but I suspect it will come in around 450fps, as it did 424 with a SHS M140.

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It has an extended cylinder which changes the FPS output of a spring from what is normal. It was a consistent 423/424/425fps which means it isn't an air seal issue. Maybe a bad spring? But I suspect it is just because of the different sized cylinder.


As for lapping a Prommy, if you scope it, it is actually pretty pitted. Lapping reduces the pitting and produces a better finish which leads to better accuracy. I saw a noticeable improvement lapping my Prommy barrel in my M4. Groupings went from about 1.5" to 1" in an indoor range, benched, at 40ft. If you extrapolate that out to 200+ft, that is a pretty noticeable improvement.

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TM Master Race. Got a TM P226 E2




Got a laundry list of parts to purchase for it, including a ProWin MBK to convert it to a normal P226 (rather than the E2) and factory Sig Sauer P226 grips.

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Finally took some nice photos of the MK23, and acquired the TM LAM. Having grown up playing the Metal Gear Solid series, I'm a bit giddy at the moment for finally acquiring this.





The gun is obviously the KWA Mk23. The suppressor is the KSC suppressor, but I took the internal extended barrel and stabilizers out and replaced them with TM foam, and the LAM is TM.

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And the P226 got upgraded.






Tokyo Marui P226 E2

-ACTION Aluminum Recoil Spring Set
-Nine Ball Hammer Spring
-ACTION Replacement Spring Set
-PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel

-Guarder E2 Magazine Release Button
-Guarder Steel Slide Catch Lever
-Guarder Steel Slide Decocking Lever
-Pro-Win P226R Aluminum
-Shooters Design Take Down Lever
-Guarder Trigger
-Guarder Hammer
-SIG SAUER P226 Grips
-Action Grip Screws

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Well it's got some wear and tear now. Not a minute after finishing that photo shoot, I went to put the gun away in a custome made kydex holster that someone else made, and the slide got scratched on one of the mounting screws. SON OF A :a-censored::a-censored: :a-censored: :a-censored: :a-censored:

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I ended up gutting the LAM and installing all new parts. The LED output just wasn't impressive. So now it has a Surefire P91 bulb.

Before modification:

After modification:

There is also a 5mW laser diode wired to an external pressure switch, and it is spot on with the sights.

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Had a little fun with my Christmas gift's the past few days. The base is a TM Desert Warrior (4.3 1911) that I bought from a member on another forum. Here are a few teasers of the lower/frame. When funds allow, and it is back in stock, I will be buying the slide and slide components.




Parts list as it stands right now:

Shooters Design Lower Frame

NOVAType-3 Ambi Safety

NOVA SV Style Grip Safety

NOVA Type-1 (Serrated) Magazine Catch

NOVA LAV Style Housing Magwell

NOVA SFA Delta Staly Hammer

NOVA Type-1 Trigger

Springfield Armory Cocobolo Checkered Grip Set

When it comes in stock, I will be getting a NOVA Slide Stop

I bit to my dismay, the 1911 and MEU use slightly different style frames. Specifically at the rear where the beavertail/grip safety attaches. So since the Shooter Design frame is of the 1911 style, I had to modify it to accept a MEU style grip safety.



Also had to modify the grip safety slightly.



Even though the paint isn't an exact match (mixed it with some plastic model paint I had on hand), it is close enough and covered up enough that it really isn't to noticeable.

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The slide arrived from the 4.3" 1911, so time to throw up a few more pics of it.






Mostly complete other than needing the recoil spring guide and plug, steel inner barrel, and chamber/outer barrel.

It seems to be needing a little TLC as the blowback seems to be weak, so I may try a better sealing piston cup.

All credit for the inspration for this build must go to sachiel9051

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I'm pretty excited. I picked up a Classic Army SAW/M249 the other day. It included a railed lower forearm and grip and a MAG box mag!


As purchased:



Plans are to turn it into a Mk46 Mod 0


Already ripped off the sound amp, stock, and carry handle and removed the spring, motor, gears piston, piston head, and Nukefet from the internals. The guy also included a massive 11.1v 5000mah 30C lipo. I am unsure at this point weather I want that voltage or if I want to step it down to a 7.4v.


Found a G&P upper RAS on Ebay in packaging for 1/3 of what they go for on retailers, so I snatched that, only to realize it mounts differently than the CA/A&K versions do. No worries, just means I need to buy a drill bit and tap. (any excuse to buy new tools is a good excuse)


Future plans are a full stock, Eotech, regular box mag, and Mk46 flash hider. Internally I will probably do a Guarder ITU motor (Lefse seems to like them so I figured I would try one), a lighter piston and piston head since the original were aluminum, a new MOSFET that should have a little bit better thermal capabilities, and probably some stock gears that I have on hand. I will be doing a M120 spring for 400fps. Unsure of ROF at this point as I have never used a Guarder motor, but I think I want to aim for somewhere around 20-25rps, something just a little faster than my M60/Mk43.

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Finished up the CA Mk46 Mod 0 today.





Scored 2 CA 2500rd box mags for less than $30 shipped. They were both broken, however easily fixable after tearing them apart.


Build list consists of



Classic Army M249 Lower RIS

Guarder Ergonomic MOD II Vertical Grip

G&P Top RAS for Mk46

AD (Matrix) Mk46 Flash Hider (threads aren't straight, garbage, do not buy)

G&P Mk46 Fixed Stock




Scatterplot Sorbo & NeoPad

ZCI Lightweight Nylon Piston Head

G&P V2 Bearing Spring Guide

SHS 15 Tooth Piston

G&G 18:1 Gears

Unknown Brand M120

Guarder ITU Motor



MAG M249 Box Mag

2x Classic Army 2500rd Box Mag

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Got to run the Mk46 at Red Dawn VI this year.



So. Many. Kills. The range and accuracy on this this were awesome. I was blown away by it even with the lack of tuning I have done to it. Box mag fed intermittently so I still need to work that out.

The RRV was also a dream, at least coming from a CIRAS and MBSS. I bought some pouches to hold M4 and SR-25 mags for a rifle and DMR kit to swap out on it.

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