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best Tanaka M40A1 upgrades

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I'll be getting the Tanaka M40A1 soon, and I do not waste my money, I wanna buy the best, and stay with it

so right now I've heard (and seen) the following work VERY well


-King Arms M700/M40A1 to VSR chamber conversion

-PDI 6.05 554mm VSR barrel

-Nine Ball rubber seal


what is the best upgrades/companies in your opinion? personal experience?

I've seen a video on youtube of this set up, 8/11 shots hit on a man-sized target very far away (100 yards I think)


also, I've read all over this forum about silicon sealing magazines and home-made shimming, it's confusing, so if someone could post pictures of what is being done, that would be great


basically, I just wanna know EVERYTHING I can do to make this gun the best it can possibly be :a-cool:

(main goal is accuracy)


also, what is P.C.S. and pre-ban? is this a different model? and does it affect FPS? because the place I may buy from says this gun (not P.C.S. or pre-ban) shoots 300 something FPS, which is completely different from what everyone says

I hear from everyone it's over 500 with .2's

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There are threads around sitting in plain sight, you just have to read, and read until your eyes burn, and read some more. You should probably spend more time reading than anything else. PCS Bolt=Pre Ban. At one point Japan outlawed adjustable FPS and limited power to about 1 joule or about 300 fps with a .2. There are threads pinned in this subsection about upgrades. But just about all the upgrades are trying to eliminate any wobble, vibration, air leak/pressure leak, and inconsistency. Just read the pin and all the links and you will probably get it all. You may also want to check out some KJW m700 threads because the two guns are similar.


P.S. For the record accuracy isn't quite as important as consistency.

Accuracy- How close the shot is to the target


Consistency- How close the shots are to each other

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