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King Arms Ver. 2 nozzle questions

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First off, I had some problems with the nozzle that came with my KA hop-up kit. I installed the nozzle slightly crooked which shredded both of my hop-up buckings rather quickly. I tried to remove the nozzle in hopes of re-installing it correctly. When I grabbed the nozzle to remove it, I bent it. So, now I need a new nozzle. I was looking at the King Arms Ver. 2 nozzle at EhobbyAsia. I noticed that it tapers from one end to the other.


My question is: Does the larger end go into the bolt, or is it the other way around?


Also: How do I prevent the nozzle from being hammered in crooked again?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.





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Save you from ordering overseas


The larger end goes to the rear, but as for it being straight it's just human error. Just got to be careful, and it's easier to say than do, I feel your pain.

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that nozzle wont fit the KA chamber... the outer diameter is too small... both ends should have the same diameter for it to fit... I think its a 4mm outer diameter on the KA nozzle. If you buy this one it will leak out air.


Huh, thanks for that. You just saved me $25 :D Was kinda wondering why the one with the KA chamber was one size while the one for the OEM style chamber was stepped.

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