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Scout rifle

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Right now I am working on making an effective scout rifle for woodland/open area play for around $200.

The gun I am working with is the AGM MP001 which is the cheapest rifle on the market right now. Aside from the P.O.S mag exploding within the first 100 rounds I am very satisfied with the gun and can hit a small real estate sign consistently from about 180 feet.

Using TCF's modding guide on ASR as well as some other mods I plan on getting the effective range out to about 230-260 feet.


The real question is what makes a scout rifle?


I would like to make this as quiet as possible while being as light as possible. The MP001 is very light so I have that accomplished but it is almost as loud as my EBB MP5 when shot which is a real issue. What are some good ways to silence a BASR?


If anyone is looking for a budget rifle I would recommend the MP-001, for $60 it is fantastic.

My upgrade plan should put me just under $200

Gun - 60

3x9-40mm scope - $35

G&G .28 White BB's - $14

Masamune MP-001 6.01 mm barrel from ASGI - $45

Electrical tape - $2

Teflon Tape - 2$

Making my own ghille suit - ~$30


With shipping it should come to about $200 and from the results posted on ASR it should be able to hit at least 230 ft.

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I wouldn't call your rifle a "Scout" rifle. From what I see, it's just another way to say budget rifle. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, it's just that what is the distinction between a scout rifle and a sniper rifle. I see a scout rifle as more of a DMR. I've successfully silenced my gun used a custom dampener, foam around the trigger mech (in-between it and the stock), foam stock, foam in the outer barrel (I'm not sure how or why but it did, probably works the same as the foam stock though), and ofcourse a mock mock silencer...which "suppresses" the sound.


Oh add a nineball bucking to that list and change G&G .28s to Goldenball .30s (AA has them in stock)

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The AGM isnt compatible with pretty much any after market parts. It has an APS-2 trigger I believe but thats it so no buckings work with it. It is a budget rifle, that was what I was going for but now I want to make it silent to go along with its light weight to make it very easy to move around with. I will try the silent mods, what type of foam did you use, all I have is pool noodle

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For me a "scout" or observer set-up has always been the same as my regular sniper set up, just swap out the scopes.


IOW, M40 with 4-12x50 for sniper, but when I get the opportunity to play forward observer I'll throw on like a 6-24x50 so I can see what's going on up ahead without being too close.

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The original criteria for a scout rifle are:

- bolt action rifle

- weight of 3-3.5 kg (6.6-7.7lbs)

- length of 1 meter or less (about 40 inches)

- forward mounted long eye relief scope, low magnification

- backup iron sights (ghost ring)

- proper shooting sling

- decent accuracy, but typically less than that of top sniper rifles


The link SlasheI2 posted is an excellent example of a scout rifle. :)

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