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OP Sabertooth

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Back Story

May 07, 2010 1900hrs

Reuters News Broadcast;


The U.N. Security Counsel approved a third round of sanctions against Iran on Monday with near unanimous support, sending a strong signal to Tehran that its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment is unacceptable and becoming increasingly costly. For the first time, the resolution bans trade with Iran in goods which have both civilian and military uses and authorizes inspections of shipments to and from Iran by sea and air that are suspected of carrying banned items.


After two years of fierce negotiations between UN and Iranian leaders regarding Iran's nuclear program, the Iranian Ministry of Defense declares war with the U.N. and threatens to launch an attack on the western seaboard of the United States. (According to an un-identified intelligence agent working in Iran), the attack could happen as soon as early June 2010. Many Americans on the west coast fear, that with its Military strengths fighting two wars overseas, that the American population will have to step up and fill its shoes.


May 08, 2010 0800hrs

Presidential Address;


“America, the time has come to put our differences aside and join hands in the fight against the Enemy. Iran has declared war on the United States of America. This is a fact and we can not assume that any threats of attack are a bluff. The CIA has informed the Department of Homeland Security that a strike will commence against the United States in the near future. Their target is the West Coast Shipping Empire. We do not have an exact date or location, but we will be prepared for it. We will not squeamishly cower to the Enemy. We will stand up united, and face them head on. We do not have enough forces left in the United States to combat this attack, so I am asking all of you to stand up and fight for your freedom. Do what you need to do to survive and live the free life that all of us strive for everyday”.


Operation Sabertooth

This is a three sided, two phase event. There will be an hour and a half break for lunch and teams will resume their same locations at the end of Phase One, to start the 2nd phase, so fighting hard all day will have a great effect on the overall outcome. The American Resistance Forces; The Iranian Military; and Civilians make up each team. Each side will have specific objectives and missions. Both teams will have a 7 man Spec-Ops team that will have its own side missions. The American Resistance Spec-Ops Team and the Iranian Marines.


Age Limit: 13+

(Anyone under the age of 18 will need to have parent/guardian section on waiver filled out)


FPS Limits:

AEG - 400 fps*

Sniper Rifles (Bolt Action) - 550 FPS*

Pistols - 350 FPS*

*All FPS limits are used with a .20g bb


You will be Chronoing with our bb’s…


Raffle prizes:



Ammo is being supplied by



THE FARM is a **BIO AMMO ONLY field**. Anyone caught using non-bio ammo will be asked to either purchase a bag onsite, or asked to leave and forfeit any registration paid. You do not have to purchase the field's BIO ammo however you must only be using BIO when playing on this field.


BIO Ammo :

0.20g 3500ct $15

0.25g 3500ct $15


Event Special

**Buy 2 bags (mix/match) for $25**


NON BIO Ammo above 0.28g will be accepted in Bolt Action Rifles ONLY!




Field Rules: www.playthefarm.com

How to register:

1. RSVP with a reply to the thread or you can PM me.

2. Tell us what side you want to play for

3. Tell us how many others are coming with you





Map of playfield:



Event Timeline:


0700-Gates Open


0800-Chronograph and Registration Starts


0900-Cronograph Ends


0900-Event Briefing


0930-Phase One Begins


1230-Phase One Ends


1230-1400-Free BBQ


1400-Phase Two Briefing


1430-Phase Two Begins


1700-Game Over




1900-Gates locked


Game Weather:

Rain or Shine



YES 30 Person Max



Night OP and Camping registration link http://www.airsoftpacific.com/viewtopic.php?p=519667#519667


Magazine Restrictions:

Box Mags for Squad Auto Only


Weapon Restrictions:

• Civilian weapons restrictions.


Bolt action rifles

Pistols of any kind.

• Iranian Marines.

Only ONE Squad Automatic Weapon

• American Resistance Spec-Ops Recon Team

Only ONE Squad Automatic Weapon

• All Others will have no Weapon Restrictions


Grenades/Smoke allowed:



Uniform Restrictions:


American Resistance Forces: MARPAT, Multi-Cam. Full Uniform Including Cover.


American Spec-Ops Reconnaissance Team: MARPAT (Special Requirements)

Must have Plate carrier, Combat Boots and AR type rifle. Full Uniform including cover.


Iranian Forces: Woodland, DPM, Alpenflage, Tiger Stripe, solid BDU with Color Shirts, and any other foreign type of Camouflage. Full Uniform including Cover. (NO DESERT 3-color-6-color or MARPAT, or ACU.)


Iranian Marines: Woodland (Special Requirements) Must have Tactical Vest of some kind, Combat Boots, and AK type rifle. Full Uniform including cover.


Civilians: ACU, Desert Marpat, DCU, 6 color Desert, Urban Digital, or Street Clothes. (Special Requirements) Cannot carry any type of Vest, wear a boonie, or helmet. Please try and look like a homeless street person. Cammo pants and hoody would be perfect. NO WOODLAND OF ANY KIND.


Spec-Ops Units:

Each team will have a 7 man Spec-Ops unit. Only one Squad Auto will be allowed for each unit. So that’s one for the Resistance and one for the Iranian Marines.



Civilians can be armed, only with civilian type weapons, Shotguns, bolt actions, and pistols. They however, can conceal their weapon. If they are brandishing a weapon at anytime, you can engage them. If they do not have a weapon, or their weapon is concealed and they are shot, THE SHOOTER IS OUT, and will have to respawn. Each civilian will be carrying a BLUE BANDANNA. If they are unarmed and shot, they will simply raise the BLUE BANDANNA and shout “UNARMED”. This will indicate to the shooter, that they are out.


Game Play:


Sector Control:

There will be 8 Sectors throughout the field. One will be marked in red and the other in blue. To flip the sector to the corresponding teams color, you simply lift up the pvc and flip it so that your color is up.


Intel/Weapons Cache:

There will be 3-120mm Artillery tubes guarded by the Iranian Military. They are GREEN and about 3ft long with Red Duct Tape Stripes on them. Gold Bricks will be the other piece of Intel that will be in plain sight throughout the field.


Points system:

Sector Capture (During the Game) 5-points

Gold Brick (At end of Game) 3-points

Base Flag Capture (During the Game) 10-points

Downed Pilot Capture (During the Game) 20-points

Artillery Tube (At end of Game) 10-points EACH **Only Spec-Ops teams can retrieve**

Base Commander Capture (Anytime) 50-points




Mission Template:

American Resistance Forces


Phase One:

• Launch Reconnaissance team for Intel gathering.

1.Recon Teams mission;

a.Gather Intel about location of enemy stronghold, Communications tower and weapons cache.

• Infiltrate Enemy positions and Locate and Destroy Enemy Communications Tower.

2.Resistance Fighters shall move across the terrain while clearing and marking each sector. Every time you clear a sector you will receive points. The more points you have at the end of the game, will decide the winner.

• Retrieve Enemy weapons cache, (3-120mm Artillery tubes).

3.Once the Recon team has successfully located the tubes, they will then relay that information to the Resistance Commander. The Recon Team cannot retrieve the tubes for the resistance. Only the resistance can retrieve the tubes. It takes two people to carry a tube and if you are carrying it and get shot, you have to drop it where you die. The Iranians can then return it to the rest of the cache. **Remember that the other team will be guarding these items. Time is of the essence. ** More rules to come.**


Phase Two:

• Hold resistance stronghold at all costs.

1.Your Base Camp will be FT. Wilderness. Iran will be attacking this compound during the Second Phase and your mission is to hold the line at all costs.

• Locate and Capture downed Pilot.

2.During Phase 1, an Iranian Pilot will crash somewhere in the woods. Neither side will have any knowledge of the crash site. It is a race to get to the pilot first.

a.Capturing the pilot will be worth 20 points which is just as much at gathering 2 of the Rocket Tubes in Phase One

Apprehend Iranian Commander.

3.The Mission of the Recon team in Phase Two is to Locate and Capture the Iranian Military Commander, and bring him back to the Resistance Stronghold.

4.Launch 120 Artillery rounds to annihilate Enemy.

a. Depending on how many rockets you recover in Phase One, will dictate how many you can launch. Each Artillery round launched will kill all enemy in Iranian stronghold (accept for the Leader) for 5 minutes. Same goes for Iran if no tubes are recovered in Phase One


Iranian Military


Phase One:

• Set up defensive positions and communications.

1. Entrench yourselves in Defensive positions on and around Mt. Suribachi.

• Launch Marine Scout team, to scout enemy stronghold.

2. While conventional forces are setting up encampment and digging in, the 6 man Scout team will be gathering vital Intel of the Enemy and relaying all messages to their Commander.

• Prepare for invasion of Resistance encampment.

This will be the deciding factor of the event. If you can hold your stronghold and also push through their lines, you will have a better chance of winning.

• Guard Heavy weapons Cache. (3-120mm Artillery Tubes)


Phase Two:

• Invade American Strong Hold.

Launch major offensive on American encampment destroy everything in your path

• Launch 120mm rockets to annihilate enemy fortifications. Each Artillery round launched will kill all enemy in Resistance stronghold (accept for the leader) for 5 minutes.

Assuming the enemy has not captured your weapons cache in phase one, you will now have the opportunity to launch them on the resistance.

• Locate and return Iranian Pilot to safe zone.

This will be tasked to your Marine unit. Anybody can find the pilot, but only the Iranian Marines can EVAC him out of the hot zone.




Phase One: Phase Two:

• Harass Iranian Forces.

• Pass on available Intel to Resistance leaders.

• Plant IED’s to disrupt enemy travels.





American Resistance Forces: (40max)


Deputy Commander:







Spec-Ops Reconnaissance: (7max)

Team Leader:Pacman

Assistant Team Leader:CBeran





Iranian Military: (60max)

Field Marshal "Farmandeye kole ghova" (فرمانده كل قوا):Abe

Full General "Arteshbod" (ارتشبد):Rutherford








Couch Commando+2


Ranger Harper+5




Iranian Marines: (7max)

Captain Nav sarvan ناوسروان: Guero91

Lieutenant Navban dovom ناوبان ۲:Itan







Civilians: (15max)




El Diablo


Ms. Pacman

















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