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AIRDOG Airsoft proudly presents OP: F.E.A.R: a 24 hour CQB airsoft scenario!



Once again we are able to offer our players a unique experience by booking this OP in a 100 year old abandoned mill. The mill features 350,000 sq.ft., 3 levels, many hallways, hidden rooms, and an overall dark and creepy environment.

OP:F.E.A.R will be a 24 hour continuous airsoft scenario staring on Sat. at 10AM and ending on Sun. at 10AM.


AIRDOG Airsoft has teamed up with KWA for this event and will be giving away some awesome prize packs including a KWA KP8 and KWA KP45 GBB, which will be raffled for the first 100 pre-registered players!

Registration details will be announced in the coming days.




The OP is based on the F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon)game series.

Aggressor (from the Metro Atlanta Airsoft forum) gets the credit for masterminding this OP, which will play very well in the mill.


Story line...


In the year 1973 the United States Government hired the Armacham Technology Corporation to begin research into constructing bioengineered soldiers for the military. After ten years of research something drastic occured in the Armacham Research program, a girl, Alma, was developed by the corporation who exhibited phenomenal psychic ability. Armacham took a turn in their research, without the consent or knowledge of the United States agency which had hired them, towards psychic research and developement. Their plan : to create an army of mindless clones, with superior physical combat abilities to normal humans, who would in turn be controlled by a psychic commander who would use his/her telepathy to command the clones into combat. The project was doomed to failure however, as Alma reached psychotic episodes and began to kill the staff of the Armacham Technology Center. In 1987 Alma was placed into a psionic reactor known as "The Vault". The Vault was designed to amplify Alma's psychic ability while keeping her under control. Armacham had not given up on its project to develop a clone army lead by a telepathic commander, and utilized Alma to give birth to two children, both latent with psychic ability. The children however disappeared, seemingly vanishing into thin air, perhaps a last ditch effort by Alma to save them from her terrible fate. When all seemed lost, a small child, Paxton Fetel, was transfered to the Armacham facility. Fetel exhibited a strong telepathic ability and a powerful psychic mind, however, unlike Alma, he was able to retain his sanity and control his power. Armacham began to develop Fetel into the psychic commander they had struggled for so many years to create. Fetel, however, tapped into the psychic power of Alma, who lay trapped still in the Vault. Using Fetel as a temporary gateway to the rest of the facility, Alma exacted a vengeful massacre, known as the Synchronicity Event. Armacham shut the Vault off, killing Alma, and took Fetel to a seperate facility thousands of miles away. The Armacham Corporation seals the facility, leaving Alma's corpse trapped within the psionic reactor known as The Vault.


The year is 2025. Paxton Fetel, now 30, is deemed fully prepared and ready to command the clone army. This army of clones, known as Replicas, is released from stasis, and their empty minds are filled with the telepathic will of Fetel. At this time, the second Synchronicity Event occurs. Paxton Fetel onec again reunites his psychic presence with that of the long deceased Alma, and marches his army of Replica's to the sealed facility in which the Vault lays hidden, seeking to release Alma's corpse and thereby unleashing her onto the world.

At this juncture, the United States Government calls upon the U.S. Army Delta Force to conduct an assault on the facility to stop Fetel from opening the Vault. This assault is spearheaded by a specialized paranormal defense unit, known as F.E.A.R., which is comprised of highly trained special forces personel who exhibit psychic abilities of their own.


The Armacham Technology Corporation launches its own response in the form of an elite private military contractor, the ATC BlackOps, to aid Fetel in his attempt to open the Vault. The motivation behind Armacham's willingness to help Fetel is still unknown.


The Replica army has already breached the facility, moments before the arrival of the U.S. Forces. The Delta Force, lead by the elite F.E.A.R. team, must assault the building and wrestle control of the facility away from the Replica army before Fetel can open the Vault. The ATC BlackOps will stop at nothing to ensure the success of the Replica army, who they have allied themselves with.


In the midst of all of this, reports from reconnasiance teams from both the U.S. Delta Force and the ATC BlackOps arrive, horrifying accounts of mutilation and the death of squad members, at the hands of what has been described by both sides as an "eight year old girl".....


General rules....



1) FPS will be restricted to less than 400FPS (AEG), 550 Sniper (full auto disabled).

This is an outdoor / indoor game with most of the action occurring indoors.

However, the engagement distances will be similar to what is currently observed at the ACZ CQB area.

MEDs will be enforced as much as possible, but it will be dark and difficult to regulate.

Some areas of the building will be pistol / knife combat only.


2) Full face protection is required for ALL players. No full face pro = no play.

Full face protection such as the Iron Face / FlakJak goggle system is preferred.

Iron Face / ANSI Z rate safety glass combinations are OK, but the safet glasses must be secured by glass staps.

Players may opt to wear full face type paintball masks or airsoft mesh masks.

Please do not come to the game with an airsoft mesh mask with the mesh that can come out of the mask or stapping system that does not secure the mask to your head.


3) Kill / dead rags are required for ALL players. No kill / dead rag = no play.

We are considering requiring or providing red glow sticks to all players to indicate dead players. Please wait for this official ruling.


4) Flashlights are required for ALL players. No flashlight = no play. This is an absolute must, as parts of the ATC facility are pitch black during daylight hours.


5) Flashbang simulators, M203, and LAW launchers are permitted. Pyrotechnic devices are not permitted.


All rules will be finalized and posted by the end of this week.




The guide is complete with uniform requirements and other information that will be helpful for players to get into the respective roles.

We encourage players to prepare their uniforms accordingly and dress the part as much as possible.

Use your creativity and reference pics from the game and on the net to create your best F.E.A.R uniform.

Intel pics of the ATC Origin facility.























This will be the airsoft event of the Summer and perhaps the year!

More details coming soon on MAA and on the AIRDOG Airsoft website.



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There are 14 spots left for the ATC/Replica side. Online registration has closed, but you have to call the shop ASAP at (770) 755-6320. They open at 1200 Romeo and close at 1800 Romeo.

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