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Summer Punch card series round 2

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Round 2 – Saturday 07/10/2010


0900 Gates Open

1000 Game Begins


********BLUE TEAM IS IN THE LEAD - Did you play round 1? Half off your entrance fee! ********


Each player will be given an index card with player name and team name

There will be nine sectors on the field; each sector has its own designated stamphttp://www.airsoftpacific.com/portal.php


Object: Get all nine stamps on your index card and avoid being killed! Earn the most points as a collective team to win!


Hitch! Every time you respawn your card gets a hole punched in it, these holes will subtract points at the end of the game…


Game Details:

Team Leaders

• Earn 8 points for every sector stamp collected

• If all team members (including team leader) have the same sector stamp add an extra 5 points

• If the team leader has all nine sector stamps add an extra 10 points

• Each respawn, subtract 3 points

o Additionally, when a team leader is killed he must sit in place for 2 minutes, during this time he may be captured by the opposite team where he will walk to their respawn and receive a special stamp on his card. These “captured” stamps are minus 8 points.


General Player

• Earn 5 points for each sector stamp

• Earn 10 points if every member of your team has the same sector stamp

• Earn 50 points if every member of your team has every sector stamp

• Subtract 1 point for every respawn


Respawn Rules: 2 man respawn


Winning team will get a discount off the next Punch Card game at The Farm.


Standard Farm and AP rules apply


NO CAMO OR MAG RESTRICTIONS- we will be using colored arm bands, this is a fun game designed to be fast moving without lots of restrictions.


Normal Farm pricing.

Check out www.PLAYTHEFARM.com for waivers, pricing, and directions to the field.



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