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Sniper Training and Certification

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Sniper Training and Certification


Stage 1:

Learning about Camouflage and Concealment, how to move like a sniper and make as small of an impact as possible while moving. Also we will go over Ghillie suit and all come together as a collective to look at what everyone is doing and help each other out. Also even though this is a shooting course were going to talk about the Roles of an Airsoft sniper not always being that of shooting. Observing the enemy and objectives and calling friendlies with SALUTE reports.


Stage 2:

Guesstimating ranges and shooting at known ranges you must hit the 110, 120, 150 foot targets at least once in order to pass sniper certification. You will have 3 chances to hit all of your target ranges. You must not shoot at the targets under 100 feet.


Stage 3:

Pistol qualification- As we all know as a sniper you must carry a back up weapon and we feel it should be a pistol. We will have a reaction fire test and a target identification test. Your pistol ranges will not be further than 30 feet


Stage 4:

Shooting at unknown distances at human size targets 3 shots per target and you will be scored by how many you hit points wise.


Stage 5:

You will be given 5 minutes to get a position get a lane of fire and stay camoed. The OPFOR will have 2 minutes in which to try and locate you. They will not have aided site nor will they be allowed to move from there position which you can see. When time is up you will be required to take your shot. If you miss the OPFOR will get an additional 1 minute to try and locate you before your last shot. You will achieve points for each portion. So if they don’t find you and you take a shot you get points for not being found. If they find you, you can still take your shots just won’t get points for staying hidden. This is a time factor. We will show you how to move like a sniper but really if we waited all day for you guys to get in position people would stop having fun and lose interest.


Who: All Snipers wanting to be qualified to shoot their weapons on Praetorian Guard Fields (still waiting for a direct answer but right now I think our sniper training will carry over to 1st Sword events as well. So if you come to this training you will be authorized to use a sniper on their field as well. Again awaiting confirmation from 1st Sword leadership on this.)


Where: Roy Field


When: July 31st 0900 we start classes promptly at 0930


Cost: $5


Uniform: Anything you want but as a sniper I recommend a Gillie suit of some type. Remember part of the course is going to be Camouflage and Concealment.


Sign up on the Forums here:



There will be pictures taken so we know who has passed the event as well as Sniper ID cards made. Were working on a patch design now as well, but that will be out at a later date.



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