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SOA link: http://www.sportsonlyauction.com/detail.asp?id=259299

Ill ship first on trades, Paypal ONLY on transactions.

TRADES: all im really interested in are m4 stubbies.

ill sell it for $220 shippedwith the 9.6v 33oo mAh battery or $205 shipped with out battery.

List of upgrades:

M130 pre-upgraded gearbox

Gaurder bore up kit

650mm 6.03 tbb (madbull)

Echo 1 high torque motor (got at local shop)



DIY mods (nearly perfect air-seal in gearbox)

SCS nub

Systema bucking (will include but its not installed)

gaurder white torque up piston(brand new less than 50 shots through it)

jbu 8.25inch suppresor

will include unless said:

NC star 3-9x40 scope

vertical grip/bipod

one veitnam style 180rd hicap mag

one 450rd hicap banana mag

9.6v 3300 mAh large type battery.


The important stuff:the receiver has a few scratches on it nothing too bad though. the mag release, selector switch, charging handle, take down pins, and forward assist knob have the paint taken off so its bare metal its not shinny and its not dull, I think it looks nice. The mag catch is missing along with top screw on butt of stock. the silencer is jimmy rigged with tape (so the silencer ends exactly where the barel ends) mag release is included but im having problems installing it. ill also include all the stuff I took off (rails, iron sights,ect.)reason for taking them off is because it made the gun a whole lot lighter( ill re assemble it all before shipping if requested)











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How many rounds have you put through that thing?

every thing other than the piston has seen less than 350 shot the piston less than 50 (brand new) the battery has only been charged twice both times with a smart charger the gun has only been skirmiished once

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