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G&G or Creation Hop Up Chamber

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Is the barrel end plug really necessary for the conversion kit to work? because im looking at the G&G fluted barrel, and it doesnt look like you can remove the barrel end... :/



No, it's not, the new barrel end plug is supposed to provide more stability over the stock one but with the one piece G&G barrel, the inner barrel is supported all the way.

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Ok, so for now until my parts get here, I want to use my tanaka stock, but I have this problem where when I load the BB, if I don't shoot it right away, it just rolls right out the front of the barrel, whats the problem?

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Your hop up probably isn't dialled in enough, the bucking provides backspin to the bb when shot, but it also prevents it from falling out beforehand. If adjusting the hop up doesn't work, open it up and check to see if everything is as it should be. (no torn bucking, the nub is making contact,...)

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If you want to buy the G&G heavy outer barrel, don't get the the 'Creation Aluminum Hopup Chamber' or the 'G&G Hop Up Set'. It comes with the hub already and it's attached differently as far as I know as well,

that might be why the seperate G&G Hop Up Set has such shallow threads. The outer barrel set includes an inner barrel as well (6.04mm x 650mm) but I imagine it's a tanaka cut, not vsr.

So you'll still need another inner barrel yes, but not the one you linked to, which is for AEG's not the vsr cut you need. The best quality ones are EdGI and PDI, EdGI being fully custom ones if you order directly.



Get the G&G heavy outer barrel, the King Arms conversion kit and either an EdGI or PDI inner barrel (vsr cut).


If you're going for an EdGi custom inner barrel, it should be vsr cut, a maximum of 650mm long, standard outer diameter, no bull barrel and no porting (would be rendered useless by the full outer barrel).

You can choose the inner diameter from 5.98mm to 6.05mm. Some people want to stick to the smallest possible diameter, others say a larger one adds a more consistent air cushion and therefore more accuracy.

Neither has been properly and irrefutably proven to be better however, so pick the one you feel will work best. Note however that with low inner diameters (6.00 and below) you'll really have to be careful

about the type of bb's you use, so get some good quality ones that won't get stuck.


I personally went for an EdGI 6.01 inner diameter barrel. :)


I have a lightly upgraded ACIS M700, Presently on the way to heavily upgraded.

My Tech just got my 2Roy/King arms conversion. He said we STILL need "part #91" in metal as the Tanaka is plastic. All Best Gun and Creation Chambers everywhere are out of stock. I cant find anyone who has one. benoji says he has one to sell me but went MIA for the last 3 days and has delayed my build.


So I am back at getting the G&G chamber. it looks like crap, but my tech says its fine.


Now, as far as the bull barrel VSR from EDGI. I will let you all know about that. There is ample room to run a bull barrel in the stock Tanaka outer barrel. No real reason to buy a new outer barrel that we can think of.


Here is a tidbit I could not find ANYWHERE. The distance to the MUZZLE of a stock Tanaka barrel is 609.6mm. There is no reason I cant use ports AND a Bull barrel. The 10mm inner Bull barrel will even pass thru the King Arms silencer adaptor. We may have to ream the adaptor slightly. But at a quick look about 20 minutes ago he said the adaptor was darn close to 10mm diameter. Note, this is NOT the 2roy/King Arms conversion we are talking about, but the silencer apadpter in the muzzle. I will get to the 2roy in a minute.


We plan on extending the INNER BULL EDGI barrel BEYOND the muzzle, PORT IT, and cover it with a flash hider like this:



We will be using a cool looking flash hider too! Top secret until final reveal!


Now, the only area where the bull barrel may present a problem is in the 2roy/king arms conversion area. It depends on WHERE ED cuts his "step" up to a 10mm diameter. He insists the bull diameter adds stability with high fps shots. I am in contact with my tech and Ed to make sure we get the breech end of this right.


As far as I know this may be the first of its type. I will report final fit and Ed will have the ALL the measurements saved it anyone would like to repeat what we did. But you might want to wait a few days/weeks until we report a correct fit from this custom barrel.


Ed says he can cut it up for me in a few days and drop ship it to Tupp (my tech) in San Francisco.


Does anyone see any gross errors with this? Both Ed and my Tech are rocking with the idea as long as we get the initial step in the breech area correct.


There appears to be plenty of room to run the Bull barrel right out the muzzle THRU the push in silencer adaptor (which needs to be fitted with THICKER Orings than it comes with) for fitment on the ACIS M700 outer Barrel.



we are using the vsr type firefly hard bucking BTW.

Also I asked my tech about all the G&G kits and striker plates etc. I alwys thought they were needed. Not for the Tanaka M700 I was told by Tupp. We will see. I was prepared to buy everything G&G even the bolt. Only G&G piece will be the part #91 chamber.


I will post final build and components and performance on HPA. There is more than one way evidentally to make a killer Tanaka. But all seem to involve the VSR barrel and VSR type bucking.


I am far from an expert. My tech is supposed to be. I am learning. But I came up with the idea about the extending the inner ported barrel and covering it with a flash hider. . Not original. Others have done this

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here is my letter to ED of EDGI concerning two barrels. One for the Tanaka M700 ACIS with a King Arms silencer adapter, 2roy conversion, stock outer barrel, option of using a 40mmx200mm King Arms Light weight silncer OR a FLASH HIDER with a chopped off HK51 section of a barrel extension(to fit the PSG-1 threadless flash hider).

I will CONFIRM that these measurments WORK with our set up. they should be fine>






To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: Re: Good news on the bull barrel!

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 09:44:50 +0800 (SGT)




1) My guy measured the 2roy and needs at least 88.9mm of standard diameter before you

step up to 9.8mm. I am trying to understand your specs. You start the step at 95mm from

the breech end? That's just fine!

2) I have a LARGE long PSG-1 type flash hider. So I need a good amount of barrel

protruding from the muzzle. At least 75mm overall. We would rather have it too long than

too short. we can position the holes in the flash hider precisely where we need them by

trimming a short piece of an HK51 barrel extender which the flash hider slips over and is

secured by a set screw. The extension has 14mm threads and is screwed in to the King arms

silencer adaptor.


We will send you a photo to show you how we did this. Trust us. this

will work. we just need you to cut the barrel to precisely 619.6+75mm=695mm. That is

overall length from tip to tip. Put the ports in some where near the tip where they work

the best. We will cover up the exposed bull barrel. make the step from normal aeg

diameter to 9.8mm at 95mm from the breech end.


I cant make this any clearer or simpler. I took enough measurements to make it as easy as


possible for you. You don't have to calculate anything, just cut the barrel to these specs


and all will be great.


(note: once Ed steps up the barrel to 9.8mm, he can carry that ALL the way to the tip. It WILL pass thru the silencer adaptor. The adpater may need to be reamed slightly.)


Second AEG ported barrel: (for an SR25)

1) Standard diameter

2) the length of a barrel that would go to the end of the muzzle would be 510 plus


3) Extend the barrel just enough to clear the muzzle and add ports. You choose the

length. It doesnt matter. WE will cover it with the mock silencer that came with the gun.


I dunno 30 to 40mm protruding .

total length of 547mm to 557mm? You choose this one. it doesnt matter. AS LONG AS it

clears the muzzle and the ports are in clear air.





Ed, we worked real hard to insure that the barrels will fit. I am writing this as clear

as I possibly can. Is there anything you don't understand? these are FINAL dimensions as

far as we are concerned.







Tanaka Barrel:


Dennis T


San Francisco



SR25 AEG barrel:


Attn: Sam

Infected Armory Service Dept

4899 Roosevelt Circle

Sugar Hill, GA 30518



Please copy this and put it in a file or work order.

we will confirm all measurements AFTER we fit the barrels for your RECORDS so you can

DUPLICATE this for others. It should be a GREAT set up!!



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