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Red Invasion - Op: Crimson Gate

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When: September 24-26


Where: Eastern Washington (Exact location to be announced)


Costs: $20



Red Invasion - Op: Crimson Gate


On September 26th 2009, President Obama sent three Special Operations groups to three missile sites located on the Russian border. These missile sites were singled out as new weapons of mass destruction by a high ranking spy for the CIA. The Pentagon wanted the sites destroyed and the warheads captured and brought back for study. Unfortunately all three teams were met with disaster. The Russians increased the security around the missile sites hours before the American forces landed. There were many American casualties and six American servicemen were taken prisoner. Only one of the missiles were destroyed and none of the warheads were recovered.


On September 29th, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev addressed the Russian people and the world. He reported the surprise attack on the Russian Nuclear Intermediate range missiles deployed along Russia’s border with Europe and the Russian victory over the American attackers. He denounced the United States for the surprise attack on his country and announced that Russia is taking measures to protect their national security. "Operation:Crimson Gate" has been set in motion.


Achieving tactical surprise Russian forces crossed the borders of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Their objective is the American missile defense shield based in Poland and the Czech Republic. To prevent America from sending troops and critical supplies to Europe, which only has a stock able to last four weeks, two divisions of the VDV paratroops jumped into Iceland, capturing Keflavik AFB and disabling the North Atlantic Sonar Net (SOSUS). This strategic move gave the Russians a practical base for operations against the US. From this base, the Russians could deploy attack aircraft against US vessels carrying supplies to Europe. The disabling of the Atlantic Sonar Net(SOSUS) leaves the US Navy blind to the movements of Russian submarines and the surface fleet. With critical time slipping away, the Americans must retake Iceland and reestablish air superiority over the North Atlantic to ensure the security of the supply convoys.


The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has sent in Special Operations Forces (SOF) from the Navy to lay the ground work for a Marine assault to reclaim Iceland. They need to make contact with any civilian resistance movements and military personnel that escaped the Russians.


Red Invasion hosted by 1st SWORD airsoft

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