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Just got a JAC XM177

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Right now I basically have the hose and its attached to the gun, would I need another fitting to attach this rig to the hose?




Heres what the gun looks like with the hose: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/JAC-XM177-t194531.html

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Save money, gain effectiveness, do this.


Honestly, you shouldn't even set your eyes on a Classic without lurking the entirety of CA.net first, it's a fantastic source of knowledge and expertise.

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don't bother with complete rigs ( from palmers) austin wolv's is good if you got the $$$.


Im LITERALLY in the same boat as you, just picked up a sun project for my 18th birthday (today :a-laugh::a-grin: ). Unfortunate I do not have a way to run it yet. But I just placed an order for everything I need and more and it cost about 140-150 bucks for the complete setup.


Just buy a low pressure female stabilizer from palmers without the gauge. Then head over to mc master carr and buy the rest of your setup. follow the guides on CA and youll get everything you will need.

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You're talking about Austinwolv IIRC... yeah if you can afford a rig like that do it... Palmer premades are nearly $200 anyway.


Palmers are $145. and Austinwolv's regs don't come with a gas tank. but his regs are superior.


You will NEED to run some silicon oil through your regulator. I suggest 15wt silicon oil. Its RC shock oil. you can get it at any hobby shop for $5. Put about 10-15 drops in your first use and let it sink into the fill hole. then every use after that, just add 2-3 drops before use. this will keep your regulator and gun happy. And this is about the only maintenance you will ever need to know, besides the occasional O-ring swap. On very rare occasions, the barrel O-ring likes to go bad, or shoot out your gun. You can swap it in about 2 minutes. PM me for more info if you want, you probably wont ever need to know how to, but I've got a demo video and the O-ring dimensions if it ever does happen.


FYI your normal airsoft spray silicon will destroy the regulator.



good luck with it!



EDIT, get a CO2 tank form big 5 or any sporting goods store. There like $20-$25 and just as good as anything on palmers(besides HPA)

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