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How do you Clean your VSR?

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I looked and nobody else asked this question so it might be a "stupid" one.


How do you clean and maintain your TM VSR?


I just bought a used VSR10 G-spec. It was upgraded (with PDI parts I think). It didn't have the manual or anything. I have never owned a sniper rifle before.


I'm just wondering what is the best way to clean and maintain it. I assume the usual airsoft barrel cleaning:

1) spray some 100% silicone oil on a small piece of cloth.

2) run it down the barrel with the cleaning rod (and the HOP turned off).

3) repeat the above process with a clean (non siliconed) cloth a few times until it comes out clean and dry.


But what about the bolt action? It feels like I need to lube it, but I'm not sure what to use. Silicone spray? Do I just spray it in there? Disassemble and clean everything? Use another special lube?


Also, anyone know where the user manual can be found online? I googled and only found broken links.


Since I'm asking, I think I messed things up a bit by not fully cocking the bolt. It may have fed 2 BBs in there and chopped them or something. It still shoots fine, but there were broken pieces of BB on the ground in front of the gun and a small dent on the lip of the silencer where the BBs come out (dented outwards). How do I prevent this in the future? What is the proper cocking technique? How can I tell if I have it fully cocked?


Thanks in advance.

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Perfect. Thanks. (the pictures were not there, but it had exactly the info I needed)


Abbreviated version for posterity (if that link doesn't work in the future):

Do the steps above with the silicone cloth and then the dry cloth to clean the barrel.

For deeper cleaning, take the gun apart and lightly lube moving parts with 100% silicone oil

Wash the hop up bucking in warm soap and water (then rinse in cold water).


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