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theboondock demon

G&P ak tactical conversion kit for CYMA ak

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I just got a cyma ak in a trade, and am looking to add this

G&P conversion kit

every other metal body was $50+ and this comes with an extra mag, grip, folding stock, and the slant compensator. My question is has anyone used this kit or the G&P metal body. It seems like all that ill use from the cyma would be the GB, barrel and hop, and gas tube/front sight. But will it fit on the cyma?

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But that is one FUGLY kit.

yea ...the stock ruins it the most. itd look better with a crane retractable like on cod even though I don't like that either


I have a g&p receiver on a cyma ak. its a nice body with built in stock tangs. the g&p ak metal receivers are pretty inexpensive compared to their other externals. I only paid $46 or $48 for mine on ehobby way back

but personally id rather buy a 20 dollar element mbk on khmountain because its super cheap and I can polish the finish to a realistic shine without worrying about damaging it. plus the elements are more sturdy feeling compared to my g&p because the g&p is thin like cyma metal bodies. though if you tap the g&p it makes a more metallic sound than the thicker element

they both have their pros and cons

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