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Airsoft retail in boise? Attached arena? maybe?

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Good people of Boise Idaho and friends!

Should I start an airsoft corporation in Boise Idaho? Im asking you guys because I do not want to invest my money into something to find out that no one would come visit. I have decided that I want to start a business, an airsoft corporation, somewhere in the treasure valley most likely Eagle or Boise or Meridian or Garden City. I would like to know from you people If I should bother. If business is Is good I might even attach an AIRSOFT ARENA! Thats what I heard people want and so Im what do you guys think?


Also inform me on the most convenient place to locate my business from the list above !!

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Good luck. You need more than just airsoft to make a go of it. Not much money in retail and what are you planning on spending on rent? I have an indoor place now and I am lucky to have a couple of days a month with 10 people. Everyone will tell you they will come, but they won't. For everyone that you hear will come, they might, might come once every two months or so. Unless you are in a city of 1 million or so, your numbers will not be that high. Feel free to message me for ideas to make it work.


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