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Operation Turkey Shoot Nov. 20th

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Turkey Shoot Charity Event


Date: Nov. 20th, 2010

Time: 10 - 5

Location: Peninsula Premier Pro Shop Belfair WA.



$15 or a NIB $10 toy and 4 cans of food

Minimum of 1 Bag of BB's bought at the shop (This is for insurance purposes since you must use field ammo at this location, but all proceeds will be donated to the event)

KSC Perfect - $15.99

Madbull Match Grade - $17.99

Lunch: Free w/entry paid (Hamburger, Chips, and a drink)

Gun Restrictions: Must be under 400 FPS w/.2's no exceptions

Raffle Tickets: You will receive one raffle ticket toward a $50 item still to be determined

We will also be holding a raffle for an Echo 1 M4 cost for those tickets will be $10


W.A.R.T and Peninsula Premier Pro Shops have teamed up to put on a Charity event for families in need in the Mason County area. All proceeds will be donated to local charities here in Mason county. The toys will be given to the North Mason Eagles to help with their toy drive and the cans of food will be given to the North Mason Food Bank.


Families have been hit hard in this area and all across the country so this is our chance to give back and help our community. Don't be shy about hitting your friends and family up for more donations to bring to the event.


Registration and sign up will start at 10 and the games will start at 11:00 sharp. There is no limit on operators but we would appreciate you signing up in this thread so we have an idea of how many to expect.



-Bring an empty mag to the chrono station we will load it

-20 Foot minimum engagement distance for rifles

-5 Foot for pistols

-Full Eye protection required full face recommended

-A hit anywhere gun, gear, or body counts

-When hit Call hit and raise your gun above your head and return to respawn or leave the field

-When hit call dead man walking as you head back to the staging/respawn area

-Dead men do not talk

-Use the Bang Bang/Parley Rules (refs will be on the field to make calls if needed)

There will be some very close action in this event so the rules below need to be followed:


2.6 "BANG BANG!"


2.6.1 If a player enters a close range situation where firing his weapon could result in unnecessary harm to an opposing player, AND he/she has the target "dead to rights," use the "Bang, Bang!" rule.


2.6.2 "Bang! Bang!" is a safety call ONLY. It is NOT a way of killing someone tactically.


2.6.3 If a player says, "Bang! Bang!" to you, you should honor the call and immediately, call hit and raise your gun. If said player was particularly sneaky, it is appropriate to honor the kill by "quietly dying" to not give away that player's position.


2.6.4 Do not use "Bang Bang!" in a situation where it could be disputed by a fellow player (no frontal assault “Bang Bangs”). If you do not have the target "100% no chance of survival/dead" from the side, or from behind, closer than 20 feet from the opposed player, do not say "Bang! Bang!"




EX 1: You see multiple players from a distance; run though the group yelling "Bang! Bang!" at everyone.


EX 2: You are hidden behind a bush/barrier, and opposed player approaches from the front. You call out "Bang! Bang!" before he/she reacts.


EX 3: You come around a bush/barrier and immediately face to face with another player less than 20 feet from you. DO use PARLAY (2.7) instead.




2.7.1 If two players encounter each other at 20 feet or less in the forward arc, one should call "PARLAY" and return to your respawn point, this does not count against your respawn total. This is a safety call to avoid point blank exchanges.


2.7.2 Calling "PARLAY" means you have surprised an opposing player in a dangerous situation and should immediately back off.


2.7.3 DO NOT place yourself in a position where an opposed player's only choice is to accidentally stumble into you and force a parlay call.


-All ref calls are final

-No smoking on the field

-This is a Newbie friendly event so keep your attitudes in check

-Avoid head shots

-Call Blind man if you have a problem and need to pause the game

-Have fun

Event Layout: This will be a series of smaller games all building upon the game before and there will be a short break between rounds to allow reloading and resetting of the field. Game times will be dependent upon the number of operators and the time taken to complete the objective of each round.


The Field: This is both an Urban and woods field so there will be all types of action throughout the day.


Story Line:

The Gobblers a small but Turkey loving group of militants have decided to disrupt Thanksgiving by stopping the slaughter of turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. Supported by P.E.T.A. and other animal right groups they have managed to raise a small force and are raising havoc across the country side. Foster Farms was hit hard and has asked for help.


The President of The American Farmers Association answered the call and has declared this as a domestic terrorist act against Turkey farmers everywhere and has sent in a group of meat loving farmers to wipe out the Gobblers.


The 2 forces collide outside the town of Pilgrim Firs .....


So what will it be Tofu or Fried Turkey for Dinner you decide.....

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