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New Guy

Airsoft- Now Illegal(Bill Was taken Back)

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Your gun laws define "assualt weapons". In New Jersy, a Bushmaster M4 with a bayonet lug is an assault weapon. If it does not have a bayonet lug, it is not considered an assault weapon. don't muddy he water with terminology that only serves to confuse people.


Here is the direct link to the NJ Sate Gov site with the bill to make airsoft the same as firearms.Airsoft Bill


Go to the very end of the bill to read the airsoft part. It will make you scream.


As you can see, it is the weapons law already in place being modified to include airsoft. It is a lot of verbage that just means your rights are going to be regulated. Again, it was shelved for this year but we must remain vigialant for such sneaky politics that will over regulate the airsoft industry and hobby.



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